10 Most Popular TMZ Cast Male And Female In 2022
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Who are the 10 Most Popular TMZ Cast Male And Female In 2023? TMZ is a celebrity gossip news website that was launched in 2005 and has since become one of the most popular celebrity gossip websites. TMZ is owned by co-founders Harvey Levin and co-owned by Jim Paratore.

The website has been home to many controversies, such as the release of the sex tape of Kim Kardashian with Ray J and the video of Justin Bieber telling racist jokes. The site also broke news stories on several celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods’ extramarital affairs.

TMZ has featured many personalities on its shows who are currently known for their unique contributions to TMZ making a name for themselves.

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What Does TMZ Stand For?

TMZ just like most news websites is a celebrity gossip website known for breaking some of the biggest celebrity news including the death of Michael Jackson, the abuse of Rihanna by Chris Brown, the death of Kobe Byrant, Brittany Murphy, and Heath Ledger.

TMZ, which stands for Thirty-Mile Zone made its debut in 2005. It was co-founded by Harvey Levin, who formerly worked as a legal expert for Los Angeles television station KCBS-TV, alongside Jim Paratore, who is also a co-founder of TMZ. Jim Paratore used to work at Telepictures, a subsidiary of Warner Bros before TMZ’s debut.  Unfortunately, on May 29, 2012, Paratore met his untimely demise of a heart attack during a cycling trip in France.

TMZ is one of the most successful online ventures since its debut to date. The celebrity gossip website publishes content that delves into news on celebrities, television shows, sports, and music, just to mention a few.

TMZ is loved by many for hosting one of its famous branch shows, the TMZ Live series. TMZ Live series is a live entertainment show that predominantly features its founder, Harvey Levin, and Charles Latibeaudiere, TMZ co-executive producer. The live entertainment show also features a variety of personalities in the entertainment industry in the United States together with some TMZ staffers as a panelist who shares their opinions and provides more details of stories published on TMZ.com.

TMZ since its inception in 2005 has cast a variety of personalities who have gained popularity from their private works and featured branched shows both on TMZ’s website and TMZ on television.

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10 Most Popular TMZ Cast Male And Female In 2023

Here are the 10 Most Popular TMZ Cast Male And Female In 2023 you need to know.

1. Harvey Robert Levin

Harvey Robert Levin widely known as Harvey Levin is one of the Most Popular TMZ Cast IN 2023. Harvey Levin is a co-founder of TMZ, which made its debut on November 8, 2005.

Harvey Levin is an American television producer, legal analyst, celebrity reporter, former investigative reporter, and a former lawyer, born on September 2, 1950, in Los Angeles County in California.

Harvey Levin being a former lawyer taught law at the University of Miami School of Law, Whittier College School of Law, and practised law in Los Angeles for a while before he transitioned into the entertainment industry after covering up legal issues for KNBC-TV as a lawyer.

Levin subsequently worked for KCBS-TV as an investigative reporter and a legal analyst notable for covering the O.J. Simpson murder case. In 1997, Levin was named as the co-executive producer for The People Court, which exposed his interest in journalism. Levin had introduced and produced many shows since the birth of his new career in entertainment including TMZ.

Harvey Levin is currently a regular host for TMZ Live TV series and has been featured in many episodes of the show.

2. Charles Latibeaudiere

Charles Latibeaudiere is an American actor and contemporarily the co-executive producer of TMZ. Latibeaudiere was born in Bronx, New York, on September 12, 1969.

Latibeaudiere began his career as a production assistant and subsequently ended up being a producer for the weekend newscasts and the nightly weekend newscasts. He relocated to Los Angeles, California where he worked as a supervising producer for Extra — a news entertainment show — from 1998 to he later joined TMZ in 2007.

Charles Latibeaudiere is still in an active role as the co-executive producer for TMZ at the time of 2022.

3. John Michael Philips

John Michael Philips is an American lawyer, legal commentator, news personality, consumer and civil rights advocate. He was born on February 4, 1975, in Mobile Alabama, U.S. He is one of the cast members when TMZ made its debut in 2015.

John M. Philips is a famous cast member on TMZ. He had many varieties of appearances on the show and as well, featured on other shows such as The Voice, The Bachelor, and Srubs.

John M. Philips began his career as a civil litigation defence attorney and is well known for his involvement as a lead counsel in famous cases including Omaraso against Donald Trump, the shooting of Jordan Davis, and the Netflix show Tiger King, and has well represented many other celebrities.

4. Carrie Keagan

Carrie Keagan is an American actress, producer, and television personality. She is known for her being a panellist on Fox News Channel Red Eye — a show that features panellists discussing the latest news in politics, entertainment, business, sports, and religion—, host of Up Close with Carrie Keagan, Bravo After Hours with Carrie Keegan (2016), Big Morning Buzz Live (2011) and The Apprentice USA (2004).

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Carrie Keagan was born on July 4, 1980 in Buffalo, New York. She graduated from Buffalo State College and has featured in some of the most popular movies such as Silicon Valley, The Hunger Games movies and television shows including TMZ live.

5. Thomas Gabriel Sparandera

Among many cast members of TMZ, Thomas Gabriel Sparandera is one of the Most Popular TMZ Cast male on TMZ Live. He was born in Brick, New Jersey, U.S, on April 25, 1998. Thomas is a known commentator for TMZ live since he joined TMZ in 2016. Aside from being a TV personality, Thomas is a social media influencer with an enormous fan base of over 60,000 followers internationally on all his social media platforms.

Thomas is also an expert in Digital Marketing and being a social media influencer, has gained opportunities of being a brand ambassador for numerous companies such as NBC & Visit Dubai and advertised many sponsored related posts on his social media platforms.

Thomas often goes live streaming on his social media platform, particularly Facebook, to interact with his cherished followers. He has appeared in more than 6 episodes of TMZ Live from 2016 to date.

Thomas runs a blog, tommygabriel.com, where he continually publishes trending celebrity news.

6. Brandon Krum

Brandon Krum is one of the most popular male cast members of TMZ. The American actor born on 1986 in Michigan, U.S., is renowned for being a co-executive producer for TMZ live series.

Brandon Krum has been active in movies having featured in many movie roles to date. His interest in acting can be dated back to when he began his career as a stage performer in Michigan. He is also a producer, editor, and director. The production of Final Friday, Strix, Massacre Academy, The Kings of York Town and Hearts of Darkness are some of his notable works.

Brandon Krum is currently a commentator on TMZ Live and has featured on several episodes of TMZ live Series.

7. Kimberly D. Worthy

Kimberly D. Worthy is an American media personality, actress, director, writer, and a producer well-known for being a contestant on season 14 of Worst Cooks in America (2010), season 1 of Worst Bakers in America and her appearance on TMZ live (2011) as a TV commentator and an entertainment pundit hosted by Harvey Levin.

Kimberly was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Savannah State University, where she studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications in Radio and Television Broadcast.

Kimberly is also an author known for her publication of Poetry Is Not Just Rhyming —an educational book volume for children. Her publication of this book was inspired by her childhood experiences of bullying she endured.

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Kimberly has a background in marketing and is a member of Clark Atlanta University Street Theatre For Youth.

8. Heather Ross

Heather Ross is an American film director, producer, writer and actress best known for her movie Girls on the Wall (2009) which won her an Emmy Award. She is also a producer of Bryan Cranston’s episode of the genealogy series, Who Do You Think You Are.

Heather Ross is known for appearing on TMZ live in 2011 which has gained additional popularity status to her craft.

9. Vanise Sayrie

Vanise Sayrie is an actress, writer, producer and stand-up comedian born on April 24, 1987, in Houston, Texas, U.S. She is mostly known as Sayire which is her last name she uses as her stage name to honour her dad.

Sayrie is known for her featured acting roles in Bi the Way (2021),L.O.L., abd Homefull Art (2018). Sayrie’s hilarious personality gained her the opportunity to appear on TMZ as a TMZ correspondent and has since gained a loyal following and fame for her comical comments.

Sayire has covered a variety of red carpet co-hosts her radio show on the lol radio network hosted by Kevin Harts.

10. Shawna Brooks

Shawna Brooks is an American actress, musician, comedian, singer and transgender model. She was born on March 30, 1990, and has appeared in many magazines such as Ebony, Radar, OUT, People, InTouch Weekly, and Galore.

Brooks is widely known for her appearance on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. She is currently an advocate for LGBTQ rights and since shared her transsexual modelling experiences.

Who are the cast on TMZ live?

Kimberly D. Worthy
Sayrie. Commentator (20 episodes, 2017-2019)
Indya Wright. Self-Commentator (13 episodes, 2019)
Mike Guzman. Self (12 episodes, 2013-2016)
Charles Latibeaudiere. Self – Co-Host / Self / Co-Host / Self – Host (10 episodes, 2011-2022)
Koku Tona
Ray Cunningham
Dan L

Who hosts TMZ live?

TMZ Live. TMZ Live is a live-chat program from TMZ that features Levin and fellow TMZ executive producer Charles Latibeaudiere, and occasionally senior producer Michael Babcock filling in for one or both hosts.

Where is Loren from TMZ?

Loren LoRosa was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware.

What is TMZ short for?

While the letters “TMZ” have become a part of the common lexicon, few know what it actually stands for. “TMZ” is short for “Thirty-Mile Zone,” in reference to the historic “studio zone” within a 30-mile radius in Los Angeles, California. This map of the “Thirty-Mile Zone” is displayed in TMZ’s Los Angeles headquarters.

How much is Harvey from TMZ worth?

Harvey Levin is an American television producer, lawyer, legal analyst, and celebrity reporter who has a net worth of $20 million. He is most widely known as the founder and managing editor of TMZ.com, a celebrity gossip site.

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