10 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You


I guess most of us are in a relationship and as girls will won’t want to lose our boyfriend to another due to that as a lady like you I have find a complete guide on how to make your boyfriend crazy about you.

How to make your boyfriend crazy about you

It’s painful to lose the love of your life but it’s also better to do special things to maintain him and keep him to yourself. In this article xorlali.com has some best 10 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You.

1. Be A Good Kisser

You need to be passionate when ever you kiss him.That means you need to learn how to be a good kisser before another lady steals him away with just a kiss. For I have seen such scenario before where a guy dump his girl because she is not good in kissing.

2. Compliment Him

A lady in a relationship you need to always compliment your man,every now and then. Don’t say I will give him a little distance for him to miss me, No! You always have to let him know that you still appreciate who he is and that your love for him is secure. It lets him know that you don’t take him for granted.

3. Look into his eyes

Always look into his eyes when talking or asking him something. Don’t have a divided attention when you are with him. Give him your full attention it can be so easy to get distracted by everything that is happening around you and you end up taking each other for granted.

4. Make Him A Little Jealous

Jealousy is a good thing in a relationship but don’t overdo it by flirting with other guys. Just a little that will make him realize how much he likes you.

5. Surprise Him

In order to add some magic to your relationship learn to surprise your partner. He should not always be the one buying gifts and taking you out, you as a lady can also surprise him by paying for tickets to travel or even go to the cinema to watch and dine. Don’t always be at the receiving end alone but you should also give.Choose a non mainstream dating place, such an amusement park.

6. Be a funny person he’ll always miss

A relationship full of laughter is a lasting one, so always put smiles on his face before leaving his place whenever you visit him. Make it a point to always make him laugh whenever you both meet or talk on phone. Smile a lot, he’ll love to see it

7. Tease Him Through Social Media

You can pose him on your WhatsApp status or even Facebook or Instagram letting him know he is the one and miss you more.

8. Let Him Call You First

Many people will say it’s a no no but don’t always be the first person to call. Let him call you for it’s believed that who calls first is the one who miss the most.

9. Cook Meals And Wash For Him

Every man wants a wife material lady to keep, and due to that will want how good her lady is in the kitchen. Remember that Love goes down from the mouth, through her heart and arrived in the stomach. So don’t always be the restaurant type of lady.

10. Find Out His Interest

To know him better you need to find out what his interest is that’s to say what’s His favorite foods, the football teams he’s supporting, favorite coloring and etc.

Bonus ways below

  1. Put only a little make up. Let him smitten by your natural beauty.
  2. Be friend with his friends (they’ll help you a lot!).
  3. Dress nicely even when you’re not with him (who knows you’d bump into his friends!).
  4. Don’t be dependent to him.Show him you can do things perfectly on your own.
  5. Be happy since it’s contagious.


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