17 Halloween Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business


17 Halloween Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Halloween social media marketing

October is approaching, and it’s time to unlock Halloween social media marketing ideas for your small business. A good idea can help you create a good buzz on your social platform, and through this buzz, you would be able to get the attention of your users who will soon turn into your customers. It would be best if you had a social media campaign that can leave lasting impressions on your followers’ minds, and through this impression, you will win tons of customers for your small business. Let’s start exploring ideas one by one.

Be Festive on your Social Account

Whether it’s Halloween or any other big event, the first thing you need to do is become festive. It means you need to change the theme of your website and social accounts. Play with colors that are related to an event. 

This change is vital to get the attention of your followers. Once you are done with thematic change, ask your followers what they think about it. As far as Halloween social transformation is concerned, you can either go with dark black shades with spooky graphics or make it colorful with bold orange shades. 

Just like you decorate your store on Halloween, you need to do the same on all your social accounts and website.

Offer Halloween Discount 

Every year, people spend millions of dollars only during the Halloween season. Don’t you want your fair share in the market? Even when you are running a small business, you can get this fair share by doing what other big brands are doing, offering discount vouchers and codes.

Announce Halloween sales and discounts that you are offering to every customer. This discount factor will help them consider your product and services. Go wild and provide big discounts to selected customers like first-five customers or customers who tag your business, etc. because this kind of social campaign helps you grow your followers on Instagram integral and another platform quite effortlessly.

Run a Contest

It is one of a unique Halloween social media marketing ideas for your small business. If you want to get attention from your customers, then you need to keep them engaged. Offer them something worthwhile as a gift, so they participate in your contest and bring more traffic to your local and online stores.

Be creative when it comes to running some contests. Get inspired by top brands. Halloween Dressup Contest always makes a great buzz on social platforms. What you need to do is to ask your followers to share pictures of their dress up, you will put their pictures on your platform, and an image that will get more votes is the “Winner.” 

Again, offer them something big such as one-year free coffee (like Starbucks), one-year free subscription, etc. The bigger your offer is, the more contestants will be there. And your goal should always be to make your contest super magnetic on social media. 

Throw a Halloween Party in Your Office 

Your office will be closed on Halloween, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with colleagues. Customers like to make a deal with those businesses that care more about their employees. So, you need to throw a party where every person will be dressed up. Share these party pictures and start a poll. 

The purpose of sharing this party on social media is to keep your customers as engaged as possible, and this is how you will get more followers across all your social platforms.

Share Horror Videos

Halloween isn’t all about pumpkins; you need to be more creative when it comes to your social media marketing campaigns. Instill some spooky and horror elements on your social platform. For example, if you are an event planner and want your customers’ attention, you need to plan a very spooky event, and it must be so powerful that it can give goosebumps to your customers. Get ideas from horror movies, just in case you don’t know what to do. A scarier short video on social media platforms will help you gain more followers and thereby leads. 

Tell a Dark Story

If you want to keep your followers engaged, write a detailed horror story, break it into three parts, and publish one part every week. If your story is good enough, people will not only take an interest in it but also start guessing about the next parts of your story, and this is what you want, keep them on your page. You can also motivate your user to tell the story end and win something from your side.

Show Your Caring Side 

Tons of unexpected incidents and accidents happen on Halloween. You can share some advice with your followers, such as how to stay safe and what to do and things to avoid during this festive season.  Your caring side will surely win the heart of users. Ask them to tag someone they care about, and it’s how you will boost your post’s engagement level in a short time.

Create Spooky Visual and Comments

Be super interactive during the Halloween season. Get help from the developer and create a particular Halloween GIF and response to send in response to the user’s comment on your post. Make sure to add the company name in a GIF and 15-second video, so once people share it on the internet, you get tagged automatically.

Share Best Recipes for Halloween

Everyone likes to cook a unique cookie on Halloween. Why don’t you cook something and share ideas with them? People will surely follow your thematic cooking idea and share their response after giving a try to your recipe. Isn’t it what you want? It’s one of the best Halloween social media marketing ideas for your small business. You don’t have to do much but to come up with a few Halloween cuisines and cookie recipes ( with some spooky presentation, of course). 

Dare to Scare

Everyone likes a good scare, so you can give them what they want on the extraordinary night of Halloween. Get inspiration from LG, where they changed the elevator floor with an LCD screen, and once a person got into the elevator, he thought that the elevator was falling while it was nothing but a video. So, you can scare your customers by delivering them gift boxes with some scary things – raise their heartbeats for a minute, and they will share their terrifying experience from your product or service on their social accounts. 

Deliver What Customer are Looking for

Use Keyword research tools and then find out what customers are looking for. For example, customers always search for Halloween Horror nights, Halloween costumes, and other stuff. The purpose of doing this research is to come up with some relevant ideas and use them on your social platform. When you give people what they are looking for, they would like to come to your account. 

Play Some Pranks 

If you have a local store, then play a prank on your customer but do it tastefully. Of course, you will showcase this prank video on your social platform to get the attention of more people. Get Halloween prank ideas online and go with one that doesn’t affect your brand image. Ghost prank is my favorite one, though.

Be Humorous 

When it comes to writing a caption or a post on social media, inject some humor into your social media content. Don’t be boring or logical. Add some metaphors, jokes, or comics because you want to spread the fun around, and it won’t be possible until you show the humorous side of your small business. Why so professional always? You can be a little festive on Halloween.

Trick Your Social Followers

It means playing some Halloween games with your friends and then sizzles the mind of your users. People like to watch videos to get ideas of cool games, which they can later play with their buddies. You will trick your followers, and they would like to return the favor to their friends, and this fun-loop will keep your brand name alive in every user’s mind.

Promote your Halloween-Specific Brand Tag

If you want to get attention on social media, then you must have Halloween unique business tag. For example, if your business name is “TOFO,” you can run a contest and ask followers to write the tag “DressupwithTOFO. The more people use this tag, the higher your social account reach and position will be in the results.

Give DIY Costume Idea

People always want some creative costume ideas for Halloween, so why don’t you give them what they need. Share a step-by-step guide on how they can make super cool costumes by following a few steps, and they would love this guide.

Create and Share Halloween MEME

Ask your developers to create a meme and share that with your followers. They would like it but share it around, which is what your end goal is. The more share your meme gets, the better response you will get from your social media marketing efforts on Halloween.

Wrap up

I have shared all ideas to try this Halloween to promote your small business and increase social media followers. Did I miss something? If you have some other cool ideas, share it with us.


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