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Whatever part of Ghana you come from, you would have heard one or two things about women of some other ethnic groups. There are millions who take these beliefs to be true.

” 5 popular beliefs Ghanaian women have about their body, number 3 will shock you

Majority of us in this world have been wondering if there are any popular beliefs Ghanaian women have about their bodies. But haven’t gotten any answer to your question yet . Its never too late to because in this article we shall highlight 5 popular beliefs Ghanaian women have about their body, which number 3 will shock you as you read .
1.Asante women and their height

Most of us believe that Ghanaian women born from the akan tribe ,Ashanti to be precise are not tall but short. Another interesting thing is that even the men of asante are also concern as not been tall

2. Ga women and their backsides

When it’s comes to the Ga women most people believe they were naturally born with big back side which most of the other ethnic groups lack in some way or the other. Which is not even surprising that most men go after the Ga women because of their big back side since Ghanaian men love women with big bakside

3.Ewe women and their ‘chests’

It’s also believed that Ghanaians ewe women have big chest that to talk of breast .If you see a lady with heavy chest (breast) then she is from volta. But it’s not all ewe women who have big breast but its a belief that all women from volta have heavy chest and look great when they dress and step out.

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4.Fante women and their faces

It believe that you can see Ghanaian fante women from afar due to her beauty. This beauty is as a result of the application of make up on her face to enrich their beauty. Which most Ghanian men usually tease them about that .

5. Nzema women and their skin tone

Another popular belief most people have about a Nzema women is about their complexion. It believe that women from nzema are dark in complexion which most people say black women.

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