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5 hugs benefits to our health

Why hug everyone or anyone you meet? Wonderful question that a friend asked me. Hug is a form of handshake from the heart which is very real and genuine. This act has a lot of benefits like its takes away boredom, loneliness , makes children adjust to adult among others.

We have outline some of the benefits of hugs to our health in our everyday life we which will help us .

1.Reduces Fear or anxiety

Fear or Anxiety is one problem we face in our everyday life .For us to overcome this we need hugs. This is so because there is no importance in anxiety aside it making us look stressful and uncomfortable among people. But if you should hug someone you giving the person hope that all hope is not lost and everything will be normal.

2. It reduces stress

Life has a way of stressing us out. You could be a student, worker, parent, spouse etc. Whatever you do, you will get stressed out over time so it’s nice to share a hug with a friend at work or even a classmate to help reduce the stress. The good thing is that one hug can work for both of you. Hugs relax the muscles causing a comforting effect.

3.It Shows love

Almost majority of us wants attention and care from people around us.One best way of showing love and concern for a friend or a love one is by hugging the person. This helps in transmitting a message that you care and also a way of proving your love .For me I prefer hugs to handshake

4. Makes you feel comfortable and accepted

It’s believes that hugs during a misunderstanding resolves the problem and makes one feel comfortable among people. That is one is welcome and accepted back if he or she went wrong.

5.It reduces illness

Hugging helps one to overcome diseases and sickness in the body .Not only that but also reduces heart pressure and attacks. Whenever you think you are stress out quickly hug a friend or love one

If you haven’t shared a hug with a loved one today then please do. It will do both of you a lot of good.

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