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Cornrow hairstyles 2019


Cornrow hairstyles are the easiest type of braids that most females and some males plait. This type of braid can be traced back to the olden days where both young and old ladies have them on their head scalp. There are a lot of factors that play key roles in having Cornrow Hairstyles 2019 which some include the choice, time for braiding, how long it’s last, the cost involved and also which gender type is mostly plaiting.

Cornrow hairstyles

And this differs from region to region, country to country. As we all know some people want a portion of their of the Cornrow Hairstyles been styled with certain cowry and bead shells which combines with the types of heads they have braided. We have a number of Cornrow hairstyles for 2019 which are; cornrow styles for round faces African cornrows designs and big cornrows hairstyles

. Depending on the type of budget you have, style, taste we have some of the best cornrow hairstyles you will

Tiny cornrow hairstyle for round faces

The type of Hairstyle is mostly running from the top of the head to the back of the head. This hairstyle begins with cornrows and ends with rasta which becomes easy to style. The cornrows will hang over the face and very long to touch the shoulders. The cornrows will also not be woven to follow a certain direction but will simply hang on all sides of the scalp and the braid being shorter at the front of the face to allow ease of view.

Big cornrows hairstyles.

Cornrow Hairstyles is one of the best hairstyles braids that most females love. This is because it saves time, looks beautiful, never goes out of style that’s always there are new styles available. And it’s also very easy to maintain. The big cornrow hairstyle has rasta and this type comes in a large cornrow style which mostly made out of standing. Most individual wants the big and large cornrows due to its attractiveness

African design braids

This type of hairstyle runs from the scalp below and are also held together in a ponytail form. They can be plaited large or thick. These form of hairstyles have long braids which are smaller in size giving rise to a number of hair rows. Depending on the length of the hair, the hair rows maybe 10-20. The cornrows will be of different colors with black and brown color being popular . The hair strands are woven in such a manner that black or brown takes the sides on the head whereas the other color (either black or brown) occupies the upper region on the head. Most people called this style of cornrow as Xerxes

One-sided cornrow hairstyle

The one-sided cornrow hairstyle is another cornrow hairstyle mostly braided by teenagers. The hairstyle is mostly displayed with one part of the head being unplaited. And the other side with big size cornrow.

Single strand hairstyle

This type of hairstyle 2019 is mostly displayed when, we have the cornrow braided from the left and right sides of the head. The back of the head is covered with twists and mostly mostly among the aged.

Natural hair cornrow hairstyle

Cornrow hairstyle

Most females with their natural hairs prefer natural hair. This is so because their hair are a bit longer. Natural hair cornrow style is twisted and wooden leaving the hair strands standing over the shoulders. The thinness or thickness depends on the cornrowed choices.

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