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whats the [difference between a hotel and a motel ]

In Ghana, we usually call restaurants as a hotel or a lodge. The difference between hotels and motels is even more difficult. I also went to the Net today to read the details, although these words are known to most people. Good rooms are provided at low budget

Some Differences Between Hotel, Motel and Restaurant:



There are comfortable rooms to stay at the hotel. The hotels are classified according to the facilities provided therein. They are given stars, 3, 5 or 7 stars.

  • The hotel has a swimming pool, gym, laundry, spa, boutiques, banquet halls and one or more restaurants according to its category category.


Motel has been built by adding M to the Hotel in place of H because it is made in foreign countries (especially) in places like America, far away from the migration road and these motorways are not surrounded. It is not beneficial to make hotels because it is mostly used by passenger trains and truck operators. That’s why they are called Motel because of being on the motorways. And they only have basic facilities and they are often rated at the rate of hour, not at day rate. People often take a little comfort by continuing their journey by bathing and routine actions.
  • The motel has rooms for stay only. These are mainly used by low-budget tourists to sleep at night.
  • The motel does not have facilities such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, lumberies, swimming pools.
  • Motels can be located in a tourist garden, away from the city, in a big garden.
  • There are no restaurants in the motel but you will find tea, coffee and snacks in the room service.


  • Restaurants are home to decorated food outdoors.
  • Restaurants are also of many levels. The municipality of Mumbai then grows every restaurant, which has to be displayed.

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