History and Images of Larabanga mosque in Ghana


Larabanga Mosque was built from earth packed and known in Ghana and West Africa as the oldest mosque. This is a religious sites mostly for Muslim. Larabanga was built in the seventeenth century with western Sudanese architecture. The mosque has features such as horizontal timber, pyramidal towers, buttresses, and triangular perforations over entry portals. The northwest corner of the mosque has a minaret and a mihrab. This corner is where the Muslims face to have prayers.

History about Larabanga Mosque

As history has it , a legend known as Ayuba, who was a Moorish trader. One day as he was traveling across the Sahara in the year 1421, he had the chance to spent the night in the village of Larabanga. Which in his sleep he had a revelation to build a mosque in the village.

Ayuba built the mosque in the traditional Sudanic-Sahelian structure. He used mud and reeds in building the mosque. The mosque had different entrances ,that’s one which was purposely made for the chief of. Larabanga, one for the muezzin the person who calls for prayers, another one for the males and the last one for the females. So in all the mosque has four doors.

Larabanga mosque

It’s believed that the legend Ayuba lived his whole life in Larabanga. And when he pass on he was buried closed to a baobab tree which is now medicinal to use due to the powers its contains.

Things to know before Going

  • The mosque is mainly for the muslims. So only Muslims are allowed to enter.
  • You need a your guide to take you through the history, cultures and places in Larabanga.
  • You need to go along with money for site fee.
  • Prepare for the weather as well.
Source: Kugbey xorlali esther


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