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4 keys to long term relationship success number 4 will shock you

Most of us are in either dating or have friends abroad. How do you keep your friendship or relationship going is what most of us ask ourselves. But never worry again because this article has got you covered. Below are 4 keys to long term relationship success

Long term relationship


Communication in a relationship is one of the strong keys of any strong relationship. Communication is the fundamental of every successful relationship you witness around you always. There is no way you can maintain your long distance love if you do not maintain communication with your partner on a regular basis. It is important to let your partner know the way you feel. Share important things in your life with him or her in order to make things work for your good. Lovers who do not communicate most often are likely to break up a few months down the line. Keeping your relationship lover in the loop of what you are up to, excited about or even how you feel at a particular moment can help build your relationship and encourage you both to be more understanding towards each other.

2. Trust

Trust is another key that will determine the success or failure of any long term relationship. Both partners who are into a relationship need to trust each other all the time for the sake of the growth in their relationship. If you are always doubting your man in any way then you are bound to break up with a bitter man. Questions of infidelity are likely to crop up in your love life if you do not trust each other. Give your partner space, and allow them to feel comfortable in their space.

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3. Love

Love is a gift which cannot be compared to anything in life. God loved us so he gave us his son.  A relationship where there is no love never lasts. If your partner proves that he or she doesn’t love you, then you better walk quietly. There is no sense to continue living with someone who will hurt, distract, and break your heart. Learn to cultivate true love by practicing, self-love, and understanding.

 4. Respect

Does your partner respect you? If you respect your partner, you will not do anything to hurt him or her. Respect your partner and he/she will also respect you back. A relationship built on respect is solid enough to last for decades.

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