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Over 90 JHS pupils of World Hope International school sensitized on tricks of kidnappers

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana(HRRG), an NGO committed to ending all forms of Human Rights abuses in the country and beyond has sensitized over 90 Junior High School pupils of the World Hope International School on tricks of kidnappers whose activities have become a major threat to our country recently.

The move according to the HRRG’s Executive Director, Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor forms part of his outfit’s project work which seeks to sensitize students in some selected schools across the nation on three (3) critical issues that affects them most; kidnapping, teenage pregnancy and tramadol abuse.

He explained the project which is currently in its pilot stage focuses on sensitization on issue of kidnapping aimed at demystifying its phenomenon and helping equip students especially girls with the right information to safeguard themselves from exploitation.

In all, the entire school population made up of over 90 Junior High School(JHS) pupils including the primary level benefited from the one and half hours. sensitization exercise.

The 6-member HRRG team led by the Executive Director, Mr. Joseph Kobla laid bare pranks of the so-called kidnappers which they often used to lure their unsuspecting targets, usually girls who have fallen victims recently in many ways.

The exercise was more of an interactive session which opened participants to variety of questions, prompted the HRRG team to respond adequately with answers to their satisfaction.

At the end, profound knowledge was imparted to both kids and their teachers who equally showed keen interest in the ‘contentious’ topic under discussion.

Mr. Saviour Kugbesika, an English Language Tutor of the school, who also benefited under the program observed the HRRG team has executed a remarkable exercise which he believes has benefited every participant well enough as far as education is concerned.

He averred that channels of the media have been their only source of information on issues of kidnapping among others which they are often not too sure about until they’ve now heard it from the HRRG team which is believable.

“We used to hear of it on the radio and the TV but we are now aware that it is real, so I believe as the education goes on, things will change”, he stressed.

The Proprietor of World of Hope International(WOHI) School, Mr. Omoro Addy in an interview commended the HRRG sensitization team for the gesture shown in carrying out education on the kidnapping issue which benefited the entire school.

“We’ve all learnt a lot including the teachers, myself, the kids and everyone and we’re looking forward to you for the continuation of this program”.

“Once in a while we hope to have you around to educate us more on the issues of kidnapping, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse among others which are pressing issues Ghanaians are battling with”, he hinted.

The World of Hope International(WOHI) is a charity organization established by a US-based Philanthropists, Monica Westin with the aim of changing the world and making differences in the lives of children in areas of human rights, tolerance, non-violence, education and health awareness creation.

With education and much emphasis placed on child education, the organization has established a preschool in 2007 which was registered under the Ghana Education Service(GES) to holistically inculcate into the children various skills including literacy, numeracy and creative arts as well as problem solving skills in a bid to empower them towards a better future.

Since its inception eleven (11) years ago, the school has grown exponentially raising standards of child education within the Samsam Odumase, a village located within the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

With the current population of over ninety (90) students, the school lacks a bus to help convey children to and from school, making it a major challenge to deal with.

Mr. Omoro Addy expressing his concern about the challenges faced by the school, appealed for support of well-meaning Ghanaians to help procure a bus to ease the plight of the children.

“Most of our kids are coming from very far places so as soon as they get to the school, they’re already tired”, so we’re pleading to all Ghanaians, individuals, organizations, corporate institutions including the government to assist us with a bus to help carry our kids to and from school”.

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana(HRRG) is an advocacy Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) serving as a critical voice to the voiceless in the fight against all forms of abuse and violence that threatens the freedom and fundamental human rights of people in Ghana and beyond.

The organization is made up of a combined group of journalists, lawyers and human rights advocates who are committed to protecting and defending the rights of all human as far as enjoying their freedom and fundamental human rights are concerned.

This is the second time the HRRG has conducted an exercise on kidnapping to sensitize students. First it was some pupils of the Grand Success Academy also in Accra who benefited.

The organization is calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians to corroborate its efforts in a bid to achieve its set objectives. To partner or sponsor HRRG, please call or send a whatsapp message to +233 243 676 813.

Source: Ghananewsone.com

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