Top 4 things guys want in a relationship but won’t ask for number 2 will shock you


What most ladies think of guys is that they are often complicated and mysterious in some ways. Also they think most guys cannot be understood when its comes to relationship.

So they end up thinking about what guys really want from them in a relationship. As we all know we all are not the same, so are guys not all guys are complicated and mysterious that’s why this article is here to help you know some top 4 things guys want in a relationship but won’t ask.

As we all have our differences in terms of preferences,type of guys we want to date as ladies so are the guys.

A guy may want a lady with curves over petite, whiles others guys will prefer petite women, and some are been cool with both body types. About 50% of guys will be very attracted to women who are loud, chirpy and make the perfect social butterflies whiles other guys will love the quiet and even shy women.

We also have some guys that will go for a lady who is decisive and headstrong with a leader personality, and some guys too vice verse.

Take note that your social media and the mobile phone may be designed with all kinds of posts, advertisements, scenes and lots of movies that will make you believe all guys really give priority to how big your boobs, ass is. But its not true what guys really wants in their ladies are more than boobs and ass.

Yes they may be attracted to it but but they adore and honour ladies who are truly love. If you’re a lady who hasn’t had the best of experiences with guys lately,and you thinking about how to make it better in your next relationship, then you need this article to really nail it on your next relationship .

1. Ladies who value and appreciate them

Guys are attracted to ladies who understand them better no matter the situation . Guys really, really value a lady who appreciates them for who they are and what they do, who gives them real, not made up compliments who thanks them for the real things and not for beneficial things like the car they own, their paycheck, or the watch they wear.

They love it when they are being appreciated for their manners and their civility, for their hard work, and so much more. Guys are moved whenever they are been honoured for the little thing they do for their ladies. Guys won’t tell you this, they will keep it to themselves but others too will say it when push hard to the wall. Most guys are looking for true love so ladies try and appreciate your guy for all the things he doing for you .Its should not all be about his paycheck, or car he owns .Be proud and happy for your guy.

2.A lady who helps build him up

Guys will know it when they are around ladies who make them feel great about themselves. A lady who treats them in ways that make will make them fell self confidence and have high self-esteem.

3. An understanding lady who isn’t a dictator

Most guys will be happy to give and to provide for. Guys will take their time and do things their way, but if they’re given the needed space and time to get things right, they will do it willingly. But, ordering a guy around is one thing that will make them resentful towards you. No one likes to be told what to do. Being a dictator and ordering is bad for a guy; it makes him feel like he’s incapable of doing the things he’s supposed to do. It will also make him feel hurt and down; he will end up giving up on the idea of a relationship with you.

This doesn’t mean you should let him whatever he wants all the time. A man should listen to you when you voice your opinions and concerns. There’s a big difference between being bossy and merely making your opinions . Just make sure you’re not crossing that line.

4. A lady who respects them

A lot of great ladies respect themselves more than anyone else and also respect the special guy in their lives. They make sure that the guy who is with them feels important in every way because it isn’t just about appreciation. Guys wants to be respected and taken serious



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