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5 best [health benefits of walking] which number 2 will shock you

What is the benefits of walking, why should I even walk around sometimes? Among other questions that most of us usually ask ourselves. Is it healthy and beneficial to walking everyday? Worry not because this article seek to address and highlight some benefits and healthy of walking. Read on.

There are alot of people little in the world that are suffering from another of health problems. This is as a result of them not often walking around. These people are mostly indoors .Oh yes you are wondering why walk everyday and how is it connected to health and my life?

But what most people don’t know is that walking can prevent an individual from having a heart disease as it keeps our heart and blood flow up and running. It burns up calories and that keeps you fit plus strengthens your bones.

Always walking is very healthy and if you make it a continous practice I promise you that you will never visit your doctor for any illness .

Below are 5 health benefits of walking

1. Walking burns Calories

Did you know that constant walking helps burns the body calories? This happens when you walk always at a pace, it helps increase the heart beat rate.Which helps you to breathe more faster. Walking also increase metabolism rate in our bodies

2. Walking Improves Your Mood Another health benefits of walking is it’s improves your mood. It’s help you in improving your depressed state, by keeping your mind and brain active.Which makes you not feel so lonely as well.

3. Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

Research has proven that whenever you walK you strength your muscles and bones. Also it’s stretches your muscles, reduces joint problems.

4. Walking helps Improve Digestion

Furthermore walking helping in the break down of food that we consume completely by preventing constipation and lowing the high risk of colon cancer.

5. Walking helps Reduces Heart Diseases

Walking helps lower blood pressure,stroke, and improves the heart rate by reducing heart related diseases. Walking also help circulate our blood vessels in our bodies system.

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