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Human Rights Reporters Ghana (NGO) gives thumbs up to Ghana Police Service for Safety Tips

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana an NGO championing human rights issues in Ghana has applauded the Ghana Police Service for their excellent and easy to understand and implement daily safety tips to help the general public remain safe.

The safety tips are good and will help all to remain safe and careful at a time when Ghana is battling with kidnapping and its associated emotional stress, fear and panic and other safety issues on our roads, homes and offices. The Human Rights reporters Ghana came across the safety tips via a publication by newsghana24.com

Ghana Police Service Daily Security Tips (PICTURES)
Kidnapping, All you need know to stay safe by Human Rights Reporters Ghana
We urge the Ghana Police service  to keep up the good work they are doing and to help protect lives and the rights of citizens at all times in the discharge of their duties. This way, they will regain the confidence of the citizens and build up goodwill.

Ghana police service





Ghana Police Service
The rules for safety as released by the Police which was in the form of pictures fit perfectly into the release by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana on how people can stay safe and avoid been kidnapped which was published by media houses since it was released.

Currently, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana has embarked on sensitization projects to educate, inform and arm all and sundry from with vital information on the workings of kidnappers and how citizens and all within the boundaries of our dear nation can stay safe. This program which the Human Rights Reporters Ghana terms KTT is a three-tier project which includes Kidnapping awareness and education, Teenage pregnancy and the associated challenges for adolescents and the abuse of Tramadol. The NGO has successfully carried the pilot project which will now enter into the full implementation stage from May-June 2019. During the piloting stage, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana sensitized over 1000 school children on kidnapping and how to stay safe. The project when rolled out will be carried out in basic and secondary institutions of learning across the country, in communities, market centres, churches and mosques as well as on TV and radio to ensure, everyone is reached and informed.

The Non-Governmental organization is working hard to get in touch with stakeholders such as the Ghana Education Service, The Ghana Police Service, The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), and other international organizations, embassies, philanthropists and corporate Ghana to come on board to champion the rights and safety of the populace through education, workshops and other relevant events. We are therefore calling on all stakeholders and organizations seeking to partner us and fund this all-important project and others to come on board.

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