The perfect wedding venue – A Groom’s Perspective


It is the dream of every man to get married one day in grand style to the love of his life. Facing the reality, todays wedding  venue is more different to what use to happen decades ago. Whether we like it or not the fashion and glamour aspect of wedding has come to stay and have to be lived by.

Wedding venue

To the gentleman getting married, it’s not just about putting the ring on the finger of the lady. In today’s world, every man would like to have an exciting wedding that will still be on the lips of the community; how glamorous, and well decorated it was.


Let’s not mistake a perfect wedding only to the perspective of the bride. The groom do also have a sense of perspective that needs to be well executed. In finding the mix and things to put out for a perfect wedding, a perfect wedding venue cannot be left out.


A perfect wedding venue to the occasion, gives extra definition to the wedding, with high moments of excitement to the couple and guests around.


From the perspective of the groom, these are five things that need to be considered in choosing a wedding venue;


Size of the wedding

One critical point in deciding your wedding venue has to do with, how huge you want the wedding to be. The groom should have an idea of the wedding type, whether it is going to be large number of guests or not. The number of guests to be present plays a significant role in having a perfect wedding venue. Large space of auditorium is not needed, if the wedding is expecting less number of individuals. A wedding venue should always go with the figures of guests expected to grace it.


Natural landscape

There is no need to spend much on decorations to befit the wedding venue when there are options of natural landscape to help cut the cost. It’s of fact that, grooms do spend a lot on preparations, but that should not always be the chorus when there is opportunity to minimize cost. A perfect way of ensuring that, is visiting number of venues to have the power of alternative. This will make it possible to embrace a venue with different natural landscape. As nothing competes natural beauty.


Telling your story

Marriage is a one-time event that needs to be celebrated. In choosing a perfect wedding venue there is no crime in choosing a venue that has a coincidence or speak a lot of the couple. It can be for, where the two first met, or something the two have wished for a lifetime. This becomes the perfect opportunity to witness this dream. The groom can always choose a venue that has a historic legacy in their life or would like to be part of the blissful story.


Location and convenience

Wedding ceremonies are not to be attended only by the groom and bride. It therefore becomes the groom’s responsibility to pick wedding venue that will be convenience to those attending. Efforts should be made for easy accessibility of the venue. The environment should be spacious for car parking for those traveling afar, not forgetting accommodation for those who will be sleeping by.


Venue restrictions

A perfect wedding venue, should have less restriction orders from authorities. The groom would like have an all-night party with loud music. Guest would definitely embrace the dancing floor and make it a memorable one. A venue with much restrictions is going to curtail these activities that will not add colour to it. It’s perfect to come to terms with regulations of the venue that shares your preference.


These are five strong points that will help the groom choose a perfect wedding venue. Putting into consideration these points, will not only make the wedding success, it’s going to be a memorable one with less to worry about.  



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