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NGO empowers 4 health workers to fight cervical cancer

Phoenix Resource Centre Global Aid Ghana (PRCGA), a Ghanaian-based non-governmental charitable organization championing the fight against cervical cancer and other health problems has presented sets of medical equipment worth $8,000 to four (4) selected health professionals at the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre(CCPTC) of the Catholic Hospital, Battor.
The items, a set for each recipient include four (4) pieces of mobile colposcopes, examination tables and tripods were presented by the CEO of PRCGA Dr. Koku Awoonor at a short ceremony held at the Centre on Wednesday May 15, 2019.
The four health personnel were trained at the Centre and have offered dedicated services in their communities.
The beneficiaries include Ms. Cynthia Badasu, Community Health Nurse, Juapong Health Centre, North Tongu District, Volta Region, Ms. Edna Kueliho, Midwife, St. Joseph Hospital, Nkwanta South District, Oti Region, Ms. Deborah Anafo, General Nurse, Mafi Kumase Health Centre, Central Tongu District, Volta Region and Ms. Millicent Awuakye, Enrolled Nurse, Achiase Health Centre, Birim South District, Eastern Region.

Presenting the items, Dr. Koku Awoonor said, “We are pleased that through the Battor Hospital and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre, PRCGA is making available these four (4) sets of equipment to each recipients to aid them in prevention of cervical cancer within their various facilities and communities”.
“The mobile colposcopes is being allocated to trained and deserving staff to undertake the screening of women with cervical pre-cancer as well as following up on women who test for High Risk Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)”.
Dr. Awoonor, a renowned health expert who is also the Director, Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPME) at the Ghana Health Service (GHS) also maintained his expectation for the beneficiaries will be to make good use of the equipment in their respective facilities and that whenever they are transferred to other institutions, they will continue to utilize them for screening of women in their new facilities.

He further indicated its outfits willingness to replace the donated equipment to aid new users in their old facility as long as they demonstrate that there is somebody there who can do the job in their absence.
While concluding his remark, the benevolent PRCGA CEO touted the achievements of the Catholic Hospital Battor, particularly Dr Kofi Effah and staff of the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre for their unflinching commitment in the fight against cervical cancer in the country.
He also appealed to other NGOs and philanthropists to come on board and support the Centre in its quest to end cervical cancer in the country.
“These people have been so committed and dedicated to the course of women and their dedication here in Battor in the training of CHO, CHNs, Midwives, doctors etc. in basic application of Cervical Cancer diagnosis is very laudable”.
This is the third time the health-centered charitable NGO is making such a noble donation in support of the fight against cervical cancer. In 2017 and 2018 respectively, PRCGA made similar donations of mobile colposcopes to the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre(CCPTC).

Mr. Donatus Adaletey, the administrator of Catholic Hospital Battor expressed sincere thanks to the PRCGA and its CEO, Dr. Koku Awoonor for his continuous support. He charges the recipients to put the equipment to good use and help saves lives in their respective facilities across the country. While concluding his statement, he prompted Dr Awoonor by saying, “your kits have been very impactful not only in our hospital here but countrywide”.

The Director of CCPTC, Dr. Kofi Effah in an interview described the gesture shown by PRCGA as ‘great’, adding that it will go a long way to enhance cervical cancer prevention services available at the community levels.

“The mobile colposcopy also makes it possible for the nurses who are screening in the communities to be able to share images and get advice; anonymized images with specialist from anywhere in the world so they can get support even on the ground without having to refer women long distances”.

The CCPTC at the Catholic Hospital Battor has been very instrumental in the fight against cervical cancer including other issues of healthcare delivery and has helped trained health workers across the country to offer cervical cancer prevention services.

Source:Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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