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Top 5 Things To Do In Ghana, Africa This Summer.

Here in Ghana, everybody loves summer. The season secondary and tertiary students are on break, some families are back together and those doing their internships also gets to meet new colleagues; a wide of experience all within three months.

However here on Jonilar.net, we want to share with you some interesting things you can do in Ghana within the period. If this is your first time here in Ghana, I welcome you to our beautiful country and enjoy your stay

  1. Create Business Connections:

Don’t spend the entire summer holidays at home probably watching some movies you’ve piled since January or watching the ongoing world up alone. After spending a few hours at home, go online and explore new friends, visit the malls in the cities, go to event centers just to network with new people. Introduce yourself, what you do and exchange details. Establishing contacts is good as we say in Ghana, “Sometimes, it’s all about who you know”

2. Visit Attraction Sites & Destinations;

If you ask me, I’ll tell you summer is the best season to visit Mountain Afadja; the highest mountain in Ghana, Boti falls in the Eastern region and probably Kakum park in the Central region because the grasses become more greener and beautiful at this time. So just In case you want explore Ghana, contact me and the team at Jonat Tour let’s put that amazing package together for you and your clique. Charlie, travel and see 😁

3. Learn a craft or take up a vacation job;

I’m sure by now you know in Ghana, one job is not enough? It’s also no news that the average Ghanaian earns not more 1,500GH yet bills and necessities are so demanding so whiles enjoying the summer you can learn a craft like making pastries, beads, weave and sell African arts or a Holiday job with some of these companies for money. Some pay as high is 300 a month. Yes, If you don’t have an investment account please start now. Create your tomorrow today by saving something. Contact GN Bank or Databank where you can save as low as 20, 00 a month. Yes, I also bank with them 😁

4. Volunteer;

This is for continuous tertiary students currently on break and workers on holidays as well. Our curriculum is a huge problem because it has no direct link with today’s job market; the gab is very huge so mostly people graduate and can’t get job. Some workers also don’t get the chance to upgrade themselves. The job market is not all about the degrees but also your experience, the desire to be innovative to face the global competition.

5. Start a backyard Garden;

This sounds weird but very important. As the rain continues to come, take advantage of it to nurse and plant some vegetables that you can harvest in another three months. These days, we can’t trust most of green-looking vegetables because of excessive use of Agro-chemicals. Cut down the chemical consumption by harvesting some of these things from your backyard. More to it, you can save those coins in your money box instead of using them to buy vegetables from the market. Cut down expenditure this summer if you have to.

There are many other things you can still do besides what we have mentioned. I’m sure by now great ideas are popping in your head, save them in your notepad, review them and start now. Before you go, enjoy this summer jam by the almighty Streetbeatz.

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