5 awesome things to do at Shai Hills Resource Reserve,Greater Accra – Ghana

shai hills resource reserve

I spent my Saturday at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve with a colleague blogger to have a better feel of the ecosystem and tourist attraction in Greater Accra, Region. Even though even the rains came in heavily, I was able to grab some amazing shots for you our readers while we planning a return trip to the forest in a few weeks when the wet season subsides.


Shai Osudoku District forms part of the sixteen Metropolis, municipalities and Districts in the Greater Accra Region. It is the largest district in the Greater Accra Region in terms of land size. It can be found in the Southeastern part of Ghana. The reserve is about an hour drive from Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The reserve is an inhabitant to 31 species of mammals and over 150 bird species. Among those are kob antelopes, baboons, zebras from SouthAfrica and a female ostrich.

The region to Accra and the probability to self-drive a vehicle (or motorbike) through makes Shai Hills Resource Reserve one of the least requesting and most accessible normal life seeing options in Ghana. A couple of inclines inside the destination offers some awesome sees over the fields of the diversion focus. To the extent untamed life collection, the amusement focus can’t equal a real safari experience anyway it is an inconceivable and sensible choice to make tracks in an opposite direction from the wild city of Accra.


Shai Hills Entrance Fee and Activities

Compared to other game experiences in Africa, the Shai Hills wildlife reserve is very affordable. Prices are calculated per hour and include the fees for the guide:

The price for an adult is 30ghc, For students, the price is 12 Cedi for the first hour and also 5 Cedis for every additional hour. Children pay 2-5Cedis for the first hour and 5 Cedis for every additional hour. There is an additional vehicle fee of  70Cedis per car and 50cedis per motorbike.

In addition, we had to pay our driver who was our guide as well for the time we spend driving through the reserve. We felt excited on our way since we were moving rather slowly and kept on stopping every couple of meters for photos. In the end, we agreed to pay him 100 Cedis total.

There are several sites inside the reserve that can be visited. The most famous sites are Mogo Hill and the Sayu Cave. We decided to choose the  Sayu Cave option and it was the right decision. The hike into the cave only takes a couple of minutes and is not very demanding. But the views from the cave over the reserve are just breathtaking.

Things to  know before going to Shai Hills Resource Reserve


  • Shai Hills reserve is a self-drive reserve which means that you need to bring your own car to drive through the park.  But we used a  motorbike to drive us around the park and had no issues at all. The roads inside the reserve i must say are in good condition and shouldn’t be a problem for any car.

Note: When it rains it will be very difficult to ride through the forest  with your vehicle

  • It is obligatory to employ a guide for the visit of the hold and the guide will drive along in the principle vehicle. So make a point to have one free seat in the vehicle before heading to the reserve or you may wind up with a somewhat awkward involvement with an excessive number of individuals in a single-vehicle.
  • As indicated by a few sources, the best time to visit the recreation center is promptly in the first part of the day. Around then, the baboons and antelopes are said to congregate around the entrance area of the park and are easier to spot. We visited the recreation center getting to noon and furthermore observed a few zebra.
  • Once you get to the reserve, you have to register at the office first. After you’ve chosen your tour (1, 2 or 3 hours), your guide will hop on board and the tour begins.

As we reached the reserve on our visit, the entire reception area welcomed us with a  very clean veranda, spacious enough to host more than 30 visitors at the same time. The environment is very neat with dustbins placed at vantage points to avoid people littering the environment. “No hee” in Ga- Adangbe means welcome! Quite a good start to our visit.

shai hills resource reserve

The visit itself is separated into two sections. To start with, the streets through the recreation center lead past two fenced zones, one of them incorporates an ostrich. The other huge fenced territory incorporates a few zebras. Zebras are not local to this piece of Africa but rather they are likely what Western sightseers hope to find in a game hold in Africa. Despite the fact that they live inside a fenced territory, they have a lot of room and green savanna grasses to sustain from. Not at all like different parks I have visited around Africa and Asia, the creatures appeared to be dealt with.

Things to do at Shai Hills Resource Reserve


– Game Viewing

There are more than 15 troops of Olive Baboons scattered inside the Reserve, each troop has its own home range.

Green and Spot nosed monkeys just as screen reptiles and snakes. Inside the save is additionally a network of elands, the kobs, bushbucks, and duikers, at night time guests can likewise watch provinces of tomb awful living in the Sayu Cave as well as serval and genet throws.

– Bird Watching

You can appreciate numerous types of fowls, who live in three territory types in the save with more than 173 types of feathered creatures recorded.

– Nature Walk(Hiking)

Guest is permitted to walk and investigate the whole scope of the anomaly slopes. The ridges offer all-encompassing perspectives on the Accra fields and the lower stretches of the Volta lake.

– Rock Climbing

The save offers guests the absolute most special hiking. Aside from the monkey trail of about 4km, the present rails lead to buckling as depicted next article.

These trails offer guests the chance to encounter a staggering picturesque perspective on the excellent peaceful Accra Plains at mentality as high as 290m above ocean level.

– Exploring the caves

The recorded caverns were initially possessed by the Shai individuals since the late Stone Age,from10,000BC until 1892. In 1892 the British armed force ousted them from the Hills and constrained them to move to different pieces of the locale. The Shais lived in groups with every family possessing a specific cavern and its encompassing zone. The slopes which were possessed were Adwuku, Sayu, Manya and Hieowayo slopes. Guests can make a stride back in time by visiting one of the various memorable archeological locales and stays on the slopes or visit one of the most significant customary religious altars of the Shai individuals inside the Reserve.


The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is an incredible method to see some Ghana natural life. It is likewise one of the most acclaimed visitor locales in Ghana. We’ve perused blended surveys before going there yet it was a totally positive encounter. In general, Ghana is a sheltered nation for voyagers and scored twelfth on our positioning of the most secure nations to visit in Africa.

Have you been to Ghana previously or did you do some other Safaris in Africa? What were your encounters? Tell us in the remark area.

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