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The Odwira Festival is commended by the general population of Akropong-Akuapim, Aburi, Larteh, and Mamfi in the Eastern Region, 30 miles from the capital, Accra. It is additionally a couple of minutes drive from the Aburi Botanical Gardens. This is celebrated in the long stretch of September. The Akuapem Odwira celebration was started by the nineteenth Okuapimhene of Akropong, Nana Addo Dankwa 1 (1811-1835) and was first celebrated on October 1826. Its criticalness is to praise their triumph over the powerful Ashanti armed force during the notable clash of Katamansu close Dodowa in 1826 and furthermore to scrub themselves and request insurance from their divine beings.

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Odwira Festival is seven days in length arrangement of customs and ceremonies performed to refine the town, the general population and in particular, the familial Stools of the Chiefs. It is additionally a celebration to commend the reap of “new Yams”. A month and a half before the event, a few exercises are illegal and weighty fines or genuine discipline are given to individuals who damage this boycott. A portion of these exercises incorporate, no noisy music, no drumming, no whistling after dull and above all NO EATING OF YAMS. Odwira Festival is broken into six days and every day has an essentialness and a reason. This begins on Monday and finishes on Sunday. The following is a separate of what really occurs on every day;

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• Monday

Men from the three royal families in the town proceed to make the way to their genealogical cemetery. This is the hallowed graveyard or “Ammamprobi”. This is done to tell them they are welcome to participate in the celebration.

• Tuesday

Toward the beginning of the day, the men from the royal family come back to the holy burial ground to get the forebears’ consent to play out the celebration. As they return, protected by the “Killers” or Abrafo(sing. Obrafo) reciting and discharging firearms, the whole town assembles along the avenues and cheer these men. A message is given to the main that the celebration can continue.

The boycott of the considerable number of exercises referenced above is lifted. Yams would now be able to be entertained in. This day is the Splitting of the New Yam and there’s a great deal of joyful making. Be that as it may, before the yam boycott is lifted and the new yam is notified with the general population, individuals assemble before the royal residence cheering and applauding whiles the most grounded men in the town “fight” against one another to get one of the new yams and take it to his home to cook.One yam is presented at once until every one of the six has been exhausted. This yam game shows who the most grounded man is in the town and it’s likewise interesting, energizing and unbelievable. Trust me, it’s just in Ghana you can encounter celebrations of this gauge.

• Wednesday

This is the day held to Mourn the progenitors and every adored one who passed away. This is additionally the day each one of the individuals who passed on during the multi-week boycott is covered. This is a dismal day and normally individuals sport red or dark or both. This is the standard clothing Ghanaians wear when there’s a memorial service.They quick for the duration of the day to recollect dead relatives. Essentially, they cry, drink and drum.


This is the day in the year liquor utilization has been accounted for to be the most noteworthy in the town, so please make an effort to remain cautious and drink mindfully on this day. The beneficial thing is visitors never purchase drinks, its the other path round.

• Thursday

This day on the Odwira calendar is for Feasting. Individuals trade nourishments and different endowments. A few people likewise pay tribute to the boss and ruler mother and give them presents of various sorts.  The imperial families get ready pounded yams with eggs to be sent to a sanctuary for the predecessors to eat. This nourishment is carried on the head by ladies guided by men through the foremost lanes to the place of worship. These ladies look alcoholic and tired, stroll in an uncontrolled way, stager once in a while, run every so often and stop suddenly. Some accept that these ladies are “controlled” by the predecessors as they march down the road. There are different types of exercises like eating and cooking rivalries.

• Friday

This is the day of Celebration. The peak or the pinnacle of the Odwira festival. The Grand Durbar is hung on this day and the occupants take part, yet numerous dignitaries, chiefs and ruler moms from all over Ghana and truth be told, anyone intrigued come to celebrate with the key boss and ruler mother of Akropong. On this day, the Okuapimhene and Queen mother wear their full conventional formal attire and show a ton of gold on their heads, necks, wrists, fingers… you name it. This is an exceptionally bright occasion.

They are conveyed by their specialists above everyone in a palanquin(a pontoon like a seat) and they move to skip noticeable all around, while there’s drumming and singing going on, on the pressed road. There’s additionally parcel of weapon discharging by the alarming looking Abrafo. Following two or three hours being “Airbourne”, the boss is sent to a get-together square or the durbar grounds to be situated. Additional drumming, moving and ceremonies are performed. This is another awesome thing that can’t be found in any place on this planet however Ghana. The boss and ruler mother get reverence from all the sub-chiefs and ruler moms and different dignitaries. The fundamental boss gives his discourse after which the festival proceeds into the night. There is an Odwira state move at night, raves and numerous occasions in the night. Miss Odwira is one excellence challenge you don’t need to miss.

• Saturday and Sunday

These two days don’t generally have anything extraordinary going on. There are a couple of gigs to a great extent yet nothing official. These incorporate soccer matches, scrabble rivalries, and so forth and so forth. The ‘Krontihene’ of Akuapem holds an exceptional durbar on Sunday as a major aspect of the Odwira festival. The Odwira Festival is exceptional and there is nothing similar to that anyplace. You’ll be stunned, charged and over everything, you’ll be happy you remove a portion of a rich social legacy in Ghana.

No second thoughts,

Long Live the Akuapims, Long Live Odwira Festival

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