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kidi gyal dem sugar

Music Video: Kidi – Gyal Dem Sugar official video

Highlife artiste, KiDi has released the visuals for his song Gyal Dem Sugar. The video features female sensation, Cina Soul. Her collaboration with KiDi on his album project raised questions about the duo’s relationship.

Cina Soul the ‘Ojorley’ hitmaker was the main character in the Sugar The Movie which was inspired by KiDi’s debut album.

Many fans who saw the movie raised questions on whether the two were really dating? With the chemistry that took place in the movie.

‘Gyal Dem Sugar’ tells the story of a young man who believes he is every woman’s dream only to be rejected by the one girl he really is into.

Watch the music video below:

This was the first masterpiece on KiDi’s album ‘Sugar’ released in June. The album was released alongside a movie, that detailed the story of a singer (KiDi) who got carried away by fame. The storyline from the movie is told with the help of songs in the ‘Sugar’ album. The songs are rearranged in the movie to tell the stories of heartbreak, love, betrayal, and resolutions.

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