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2019 Agotime Kente Festival marked in style

This year’s Agbamevorza (Kente Festival) of the chiefs and people of the Agotime-Ziope Traditional Area was marked in grand style with an exhibition of beautiful Kente designs.

It was, indeed, a day for Kente, as the indigenes, tourists, and visitors who thronged the durbar ground were dressed smartly in Kente outfits, fusing tradition with modernity. The festival has, since 2005, been celebrated to showcase the uniqueness of Kente as a matchless indigenous fabric from Ghana. Also, it is to draw attention to the aesthetic and cultural values of the Kente cloth. The week-long celebration which ended on August 10, 2019, featured a series of activities, including a Kente weaving contest, which saw master weavers exhibiting their creativity.

The Paramount Chief of the Agotime-Ziope Traditional Area, Nene Nuer Keteku III, in an address, called for government’s assistance to complete a Kente village project which would be a  one-stop-shop to market the works of local weavers to the rest of the world. The celebration was on the theme: ‘Celebrating the Iconic heritage of Kenke’.

Below are photos from the just-ended Kente festival by the people of Agotime kpetoe traditional area in the Volta region of Ghana.


Photos by: @K2Pixels | Instagram

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