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7 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal disease brought about by an excess of microscopic organisms. The vagina normally has a situation containing “great” and “terrible” microbes. In instances of bacterial vaginosis, there is an overabundance of awful microbes. This tosses the vaginal condition out of equalization.

Bacterial vaginosis is a typical condition that numerous ladies can get, paying little heed to whether they’ve engaged in sexual relations. Home cures can be utilized to treat and anticipate them. Some might be more viable than others. These medicines likely won’t be as successful as physician endorsed prescriptions. Be that as it may, many come without a portion of the reactions physician recommended drugs can cause.

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good hygiene

The butt-centric and vaginal zones are near one another. By rehearsing great cleanliness, you can help treat and avert instances of bacterial vaginosis. Continuously wipe from front to back in the wake of utilizing the restroom. This implies cleaning endlessly from the vagina towards the rectum to keep away from any tainting from the stool.

Change your cushion or tampon a few times each day during your period. Continuously spotless your sex plays with cleanser and boiling water. Expect that your accomplice additionally has the microorganisms on their sex organs, and you may both should be dealt with. The majority of this will help settle instances of bacterial vaginosis as fast as could reasonably be expected.


Yogurt is a characteristic probiotic. This implies it has a lot of sound microbes in it. As per the Mayo Clinic, eating yogurt may help bring sound microorganisms once more into the body. This sets up a reasonable vaginal condition and could help fend off the terrible microbes. To get the full advantages, eat in any event one serving of yogurt for every day.

Hydrogen peroxide

A 2003 studyTrusted Source found that around 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide utilized every day for multi-week as vaginal water system had the option to help treat bacterial vaginosis just as conventional meds. It accompanies the upside of a much lower cost than these prescriptions. It likewise has fewer symptoms.


Yogurt contains a few probiotics. Yet, there are a lot of probiotic supplements accessible. As per a 2014 studyTrusted Source, there is proof that taking probiotic supplements every day can help treat and anticipate bacterial vaginosis.

On the off chance that you have bacterial vaginosis, take probiotics every day to help treat and avoid future instances of bacterial vaginosis. Probiotics can come in pill or fluid structure. In the event that you’ve been on an anti-toxin, this prescription can murder off the great microscopic organisms just as the terrible. To supplant the great microbes with probiotics enhancements and yogurt.

Safe sex

As indicated by Women’s Health, using condoms can decrease your danger of bacterial vaginosis. Then, having new or different sexual accomplices can build your hazard. Along these lines, consistently use condoms, particularly with new sexual accomplices.

Tea tree oil

tea tree oil has ground-breaking antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help treat bacterial vaginosis. One little examination reportedTrusted Source effective treatment of bacterial vaginosis with just tea tree oil.

Fundamental oils like tea tree oil should be weakened with a transporter oil, for example, coconut, sweet almond, or olive oil. Pick an oil you realize you are not hypersensitive to and blend 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in 1 ounce of bearer oil. Try not to utilize tea tree oil without blending it with a bearer oil first as it can consume delicate skin.

Numerous individuals are adversely affected by tea tree oil. Before you attempt this home cure test a modest quantity of the weakened oil on your skin before utilizing on your delicate vaginal tissue. On the off chance that there is no response in 24 to 48 hours, it ought to be protected to utilize.

There are various approaches to utilize tea tree oil to treat bacterial vaginosis, incorporating blending it with coconut oil (or another transporter oil) and absorbing a tampon it. Supplement the tampon into the vagina and evacuate it following 60 minutes. Expel it sooner if there is any aggravation. Rehash this a couple of times each day. Try not to lay down with a weakened tea tree tampon set up. You can likewise buy tea tree oil vaginal suppositories.

Tea tree is a fundamental oil and not observed for security, quality, or virtue by the FDA. Try to get it from a respectable source.


Garlic has solid antibacterial properties, and it’s for quite some time been utilized as a home solution for bacterial vaginosis. One examination discovered confided in Source that taking a garlic supplement tablet could be a possibility for treating bacterial vaginosis.



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