Hodoli Leonard Elikem, popularly known in showbiz as, Maskhid HL was born on 22nd April, 1997.He is also known to be the MIC Ruler, with the slogan “DOTONASI” an Ewe word which means ”Keep quiet and listen” and is responded “WOANESEMA” which also means are you listening.

He’s a hardworking Ghanaian African Popular(Afro Pop) Artiste from Volta Region(Keta-Vodza) who discovered his music talent in the year 2016, that is, before he completed his Secondary Education.

According to him, “I never made it a point in life when I was growing up to become an Artiste, but in life, if God says Yes you have no power to say No. I became friend with this gentle guy Afedomezi Martin(Fearnot) who is known to be the CEO of FM Entertainment,who those days used to do music and because I have that love for music, he became my best friend.

Until oneday, he sat me down and advised me to put my all into my talent and overcome my shyness. I gave it a second thought but was still doubting myself thinking that wasn’t my real talent. Few weeks after that, Afedomezi Martin (Fearnot) gave me an instrument with another guy(Besa) who were rehearsing on a song titled ‘Will You Be My Girl’.

And God willing the freestyle I gave on it match the concept behind the song they were about to record so they allowed me to join them do it but in the end I did that song with only Besa because Fearnot traveled. So on his return he realized I can do much more better and later sat me down again,and this time round I agreed to pursue my talent.

Because he went ahead saying ”he would quit his music career to help push me higher into the Music Industry “,I was really touched and sad because he wasn’t my blood brother but the support from him was more than a friend. He later encouraged me not to be afraid because with God all things are possible.

So I began the journey with a song I wrote down some past years tittled, I’m A Star Light, so Fearnot linked me up to Trapcy Beatz where he used to record his songs before, to record it and that became my first song before we later recorded “Will You Be My Girl.”

Maskhid HL hails from Volta Region, all things in consideration he is a Proud Voltarian with a Proud Ewe name Elikem. He had his Primary School in Keta E.P. Basic, Junior High School in Keta R.C. JHS, continued his Senior High School at Keta Business College (Ketabusco) which he offered Business Accounting from 2013 to 2016.

His music is not just rap music but he blows trumpet from his JHS level to the SHS level and in 2016 when he was about to complete SHS, he went for parade though he is disable by the left hand, but ‘If you know the thing you know the thing’.

Maskhid HL started his music officially in October 9, 2016 that when he dropped his first song titled I’m A Star Light before he was featured on the Will You Be My Girl by Besa. After that he dropped another tune title Peace In GH, which was also featured with Besa making 3 songs within the interval of October to December.

After that He began with True Love to start the Year 2018 and went on to drop another one tittled Be Real which Khing Popzzy and Fiston were featured, Fiston who is an outside Ghana, Benin artiste.Fiston’s work in Be Real made Maskhid HL put him and Chapter Wan on another dope tune titled “Woseveve” in that same year(2017) Besa came back to put him on another tune titled Hogbetsotso Za in November which he use to end his second year in the music, which means within the interval of January to December he dropped 5 songs though his financial position wasn’t stable.

After that year(2017) when we entered 2018 things became very difficult for him and for six(6) good months Maskhid HL did not release any song and the fans were really worried as to if he quit his music career or not but at a point in time he start warming up the fans and giving them moral everyday on his social media walls, It was around May when he posted on his Facebook wall “Fans give me the title you guys will want me to come out with” Fans commented with their views but one Mr Fabio Adjorlolo who is his greatest Boss today came out with Man No Be God and because of the situations those time, this title touched Maskhid HL’s heart.

Fabio promised to sponsor him do it if He should work on it for him, with that moral, He start putting his lines on paper .According to Maskhid HL, “God willing FM Entertainment which we all know to be Frequent Movement Entertainment (No Limit) came into my life fully and By His grace I dropped Man No Be God in June 30th, which shut down most top artiste in Volta and at the top of Volta Music now and hoping for it to go worldwide within some few months, You can search Maskhid HL on Google and you’ll get his songs there.

As at now He is having about 100+ hits songs in the studio which he put a lot of stars (in and outside the region and the country) on, In his interview with McbebeSomtin on Dzigbordi FM he promised to release Call Me Later which he Put one top artist in Volta Boy Goodie from Kpando on it and as at now Call Me Later has been released and it’s warming up the system because it’s a hit that is going beyond Man No Be God.Recently Mekporma which is an educative song was released too. Music is a very good and excellent thing and its like my hobby and its something I practice each and everyday, you only need the courage and the support to do it.” About the future, he says “Through hard work and determination, I believe my brand would cut across Africa, then to the world, because my music has created a connection between me and music lovers” Maskhid HL’s style of piecing his music together makes him unique and outstanding because each track gives you a sample of different flavours, almost like various exotic ingredients in a rich cake. He has mastered his own identity as a musician. It is crystal clear that, Maskhid HL will soon be the next superstar Afro Pop artiste. He is the founder of KHID Music (Konsistent Hit Intellectual Dream Music), a music follower-ship group.To be added Maskhid HL has recently put one of the top artiste and a producer from Nigeria on another song My Baebe and it was released on 26th of December 2018 before the year ends.And on 1st January 2019, he began the year wishing the world All The Best which he put Mediq Mane on.

Connect with him all various social media platforms; Facebook: @maskhidhl Facebook Page: Maskhid HL Twitter: @maskhidhl Instagram: @maskhidhl Youtube: Maskhid HL Also follow Maskhid HL via Facebook: Maskhid HL Instagram: Maskhid HL Twitter: Maskhidhl

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