Ghanaian Engagement lists Among The Ewes


Ghanaian Engagement lists Among The Ewes – Marriage is the lawfully or officially recognized union of two individuals as helpers in an individual relationship (truly and in certain locales explicitly a joining between a man and a lady). With respect to how our way of life presents itself, that is a similar way marriage and its activities vary starting with one culture then onto the next. In certain clans, traditional marriages probably won’t be the custom to experience, however to other people, it fills in as a significant practice which if not performed would imply that the gatherings being referred to are not married.

There are sure strategies one must experience before getting married and in this article, you will find out about the Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes. In the ewe setting, the couple both have a few commitments to perform and among these are techniques that accompanied the traditional engagement list introduction. The rundown contrasts relying upon the specific clan and family from which the woman comes. A rundown of things is typically given to the man of the hour to-be. Marriage from an ewe family, the man needs to pay at the lady of the hour cost and this typically accompanies a rundown. This list is generally comprised of, however not restricted to the accompanying:


  • Schnapps 2 Bottles (Foreign One)
  • Gin 1 Bottle
  • Soft drinks 1 crate
  • Cash GH ¢100

Ghana Traditional Marriage List among ewes

  • Engagement Ring and Holy Bible
  • 6 Half pieces of Cloth (Real Wax)
  • 6 pieces of Head Gear (Scarf)
  • 2 Pair of Sandals and 2 Pair of Shoes (with Bag each)
  • Ecolac bag (Big One)
  • 2 sets of jewellery and wrist watches
  • 12 underwear
  • 6 night wears
  • 6 Brassiere
  • Lady waist beads and 1 traditional pant(Very Important)
  • 1 Catholic hymnal
  • GH¢ 600 Drinks
  • 2 Bottles of schnapps (Foreign One)
  • 1 Bottle of Dry Gin
  • 1 Bottle of Dubonette
  • 1 Bottle of whisky
  • 1 Bottle of Akpeteshie
  • 1 Pot of Palm wine or GH¢ 30
  • 2 Cartons of Beer
  • 2 Crates of Soft drinks
  • 2 Crates of Malt IN-LAWS Father In-Law
  • GH¢ 250 Mother-In-Law
  • GH¢250 Brother-In-Laws GH¢100
  • Half a piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Mother-In-Law (with Head Gear and Sandals)
  • 1 Full Piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Father-In-Law (with 1 Sandals) Family
  • GH¢100 Thank You GH¢ 50

Thanksgiving – This can be in the form of a sum of money or a crate of drinks given to the bride’s family members who are present at the ceremony. This is to thank them for coming to the ceremony and agreeing for their daughter to be given away. This list can vary from family to family, not all families request for all these items. Traditional marriage

Traditional marriage under the law is a complete wedding service, this is so on the grounds that marriage experiences the legitimate procedure which is through the court otherwise called the standard marriage in Ghana. These three kinds of relationships in Ghana to be specific; traditional marriage, standard marriage, and church marriage. After the traditional marriage, the congregation marriage trails in which the standard marriage is finished. This happens when the couple need every one of the three types of relationships.

The traditional marriage of Ghanaians isn’t a guarantee but instead a total activity that is sponsored by law and customs. Presently, how about we take a gander at the strategies one experiences before getting drew in among the ewes. Among the eyes, the main procedure is the KNOCKING which is done to make formal, the connection between the to-be man of the hour and lady of the hour. This is referred to in the Ewe language as ‘vɔƒoƒo’. Here, the group of the to-be groom goes to the to-be lady of the hour’s folks to approach officially for her submit marriage. Among the Ewes, when a man is prepared to wed, he should show a pot of palm wine to the young lady’s dad and this must be finished by the man’s fatherly and maternal aunties so as to educate the young lady’s folks regarding their expectations to wed their little girl.

After this, the delegates from the to-be groom are approached to come following possibly 14 days for the appropriate response. This period permits them an opportunity to think about the solicitation and to make underground examinations about the man and his family. After the examination is finished and the young lady’s folks are happy with the man’s direct and foundation, they enable them to play out the important marriage ceremonies. For this, two jugs of privately blended gin are offered to the lady of the hour’s family by the to-be groom in thankfulness which is known as ‘vɔlenu’ or the thumping charge.

When the individuals of the lucky man to-be individuals learn of the acknowledgment of their solicitation, arrangements completely start by a social affair the marriage installments that is the ‘Srɔnu’ and when it is prepared, the man of the hour’s fatherly and maternal aunties convey it to the lady’s folks for examination. For a situation of inadequacy, the endowments are dismissed by the lady’s family. After this procedure is done, the marriage is currently finished up by giving the marriage installment and performing of specific services which are additionally seen to be significant for the foundation of a lawful association of which the lady of the hour is officially given to the man of the hour’s folks.

Another significant thing is the fulfillment of the marriage, known as the ‘ɖoɖoabadzi’. Presently the last procedure that is the formal giving over of the lady of the hour to the lucky man which is a short function where the two guardians offer short guidance and support to the couple is trailed by the attestation by both the lady of the hour and husband to be of their preparation to the wedding. This stage happens in the lady’s dad’s home. Before the lady joins her significant other, a short supplication is said to the precursors requesting their gifts for the couple.

After the supplication, the lady of the hour is removed by the spouse’s aunties joined by her very own aunties. On her appearance, she is energetically gotten by the spouse’s dad. Here, the couple is prompted again to live calmly. After this, the family head pours the drink, requesting an effective marriage. Upon the arrival of the function, the man is relied upon to bring along certain peas privately called “Cantonese”

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