ZionFelix’s  Educative, Emotional & Inspirational Message To The Youths


Ghanaian multiple award winning blogger and vlogger well know as Zion Felix on his Facebook page shared some educative, emotional and inspirational message to a the youths out there.

From what xorlali.com gather from the message, shows zionfelix’s past experience before becoming this great in life. Zionfelix encountered alot in his journey to become successful but he never gave up kept pushing and now is where he is today due to his determination ,dedication and hard work.

Read the inspirational message below;

“Hmmm… I’ve a lot to write this morning but I’ll try summarize it.

Last night whilst driving home, I got so emotional and even felt like dropping some tears. Someone will ask why? It came to mind some discouraging words a friend told me on campus when I had just entered Legon and how things are (or how successful I am at the moment by God’s.

I remember clearly that standing at the Basketball court of the then TF Hostel now de3n de3n hall, Opana told me point blank that this blogging thing won’t take me anywhere. He told me I was just wasting my time and it wasn’t going to work for me. (I think he’s the only one who knew what he was saying)

Opana whose name I don’t want to mention really got me hurt. In fact I didn’t talk to him for some years after he told me those words but I later said to myself, for how long am I not going to talk to him? I’m not sure somebody has ever told me such words aside him because myself I’ve no friend I discuss issues with. Even with him we weren’t discussing my job, we were having a normal convo n out of nowhere, he made those bullsh**t comments.

Do you know something? Now this same person calls me for events, pays me more than he pays other people and is even owing me.

Truth be told, I’m still angry at him for those words he told me during my level 100 days at Legon and I don’t know when that anger will vanish. I think it’s because of that anger that’s why I overcharge him thinking he won’t pay whenever he needs my services.

I might not be the best blogger of which I don’t want to even be (I don’t even want titles) but I’m extremely happy with all what I’m enjoying now. You might not understand this post today but few months to come when I outline many other projects I’ve started out of this blogging job.

Let people tell you all the discouraging words about what you’re doing or want to do but forget al the’ve said and press on. They hold no key to your destiny.

With Passion/life for the job , hard work and prayers, you will be better than you were.

Take this for today, a lot more will come. You need to be successful by all legal means. Stay blessed.”

This handsome gentleman you see today has been through difficult times but now is counted among the hardworking, well recognized and promising bloggers in the country, making impacts through their works.

Thereforemy dear youths out there never give up no matter what you going through, keep pushing and One day you will also tell your story

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