8 Best Airport Hacks To Help You Save Time And Money – I’ve been to hundreds of airports all over the world, so I hope my hacks will be of any help for you. They made me save a lot of money, time and stress.

1. If you travel to the airport with e-passport gates, take your e-passport with your ID card. It can be quicker to get out of the airport. I am from Poland, so in many countries in Europe I only need my ID card to get into. However, e-passport gates are usually quicker – e.g. at Manchester Airport they save me even up to 45mins.

2. I like to travel light. Having to check in bag slows you down a lot.

3. When going through security, I have two separate small cosmetics bags for cables and powerbanks. The other one for my make ups and cosmetics . At some airports even your phone chargers can be suspicious, so it is better to take them out than to be stuck at security for ages.

4. Even though we live in an digital era, I always have my reservation and boarding pass printed in case the technology fails.

Best Airport Hacks

5. Food at the airport is often overpriced, so I travel with some rice wafers or peanuts. Even if you are not hungry, remember to carry finger foods – especially if your flight is delayed (that happens a lot) or the airport is poorly equipped (that happens as well). At many airports you can find some water fountains that you can use to fill in a reusable bottle, so I always travel with one.

6. Usually, I am at the airport no earlier than an hour and half before my flight. Less time at duty free – less temptation to buy stuff, or less time to get bored.

7. If you are going to spend more time at a particular airport, research it. Even TripAdvisor can be helpful but I like a site called Sleeping At Airports.

Best Airport Hacks

8. Check the plan of the airport – especially if you have a connecting, quite risky flight. Knowing where the transit zone is can help you get to the next flight quicker (and actually make it).

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