How To Make The Best of Your Single Life


How to make the Best of your Single Life
Being in love and finding someone to share your life with sounds good, but nothing is all rainbows and butterflies.

Romantic relationships have their ups and downs; the beginnings are fantastical, and then things get real after the ‘honeymoon phase’ is over. What you don’t realize is that ‘single’ is synonymous with ‘happy’.

The single life is full of privileges; you will pine for this freedom when it’s gone. Life is so much more than dating, getting married, and having kids. Stop envying the couples in your social circle and follow Brad Mondo’s excellent advice: Live your extra life!
Be Thankful for the Things you don’t have
Yes, that is right. Being taken comes with a long list of expectations and responsibilities. For starter’s you don’t have another person’s dirty laundry and dishes lying around the house. You don’t have kids screaming in the middle of the night or during any other time of the day. You don’t have to think about mortgaging a house you cannot afford, sharing a bank account, alimony & child support, life insurance, and other financially draining aspects of life. No need for seeking someone’s permission or approval for going somewhere or doing something.

Precisely speaking, you don’t have anyone to control your life, which is awesome.

Think of all the amazing movies you can watch in peace, without having to explain it to somebody every five minutes. You should cherish your privacy and the entire space on your bed; no unwanted snoring, no complaints from a cranky partner, and a 24/7 unoccupied bathroom.

Be Yourself Actually
Living independently allows you to live life with no strings attached. When you have a companion by your side, their opinions will affect every important decision. Most of the time, you have to compromise or settle for something less than ideal. A lot of times being your best will not be enough and you will have to become the person your partner wants you to be.

As a free and single person, you do not have to change the way you like to dress, eat, sleep, or do anything else. You can be a die-hard nerd, the worst Casanova, a delusional fan girl/fan boy, an innovative artist, an intuitive fashionista, or a couch potato.

You can choose a profession you love over a job that you might need. How can you not love a life where you don’t have to be considerate about another person’s feelings all the time? Dye your hair purple, wear crocs to work, binge watch ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, stay in on a Saturday night, or eat a jar of Nutella for breakfast; no one but God will judge you.
Enjoy your Right to be Selfish
When you are single, your wallet will seldom be empty and money problems will come by less often. In fact, you might conjure up a savings account and plan something extravagant for yourself.

You can spend all the extra money on yourself, without feeling guilty or irresponsible. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s credit card bills or unpaid debt. The world is your oyster and you are your own boss (at least outside your workplace). You can travel the world, treat yourself to shopping sprees, and indulge in all your favorite desserts. You are not obliged to share your stuff or food with anyone, which is something every committed individual dreams of.

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