Top 50 Thinking of you messages for him


Thinking of you messages for him Your contemplations are allowed to go anyplace, however, it’s astonishing how regularly they head a specific way, towards one individual. This keeps you pondering as adoring somebody isn’t simple however its enjoyable to be infatuated and furthermore to be cherished. This article looks to urge you to make that uncommon adored individual which is either your bae, daddy, or spouse feel the amount you give it a second thought and love them so beneath we have combined the best and romantic thinking of you messages for him.

Read through these thinking of you messages for him and if you want, you can use them as a guide to creating your own to deliver to your beloved boyfriend or husband.

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Can’t stop thinking about you

Can’t stop thinking of you messages are for those of us who have been searching for messages to send to our beloved ones to let them know they can’t stop thinking about them. You need to relax now because this section of the article will help you send thinking of you SMS, and just thinking about you to your beloved ones to remind them of how much they mean to you. It is very important if we give our beloved ones some signs that we love, think and care about them.

1. Anything I do, I think about you. If I sleep, if I eat or if I am walking in the street, all I think about is you. I love you so much, for you are such a beautiful lady. I love you like never before, as you are always on my mind.

2. Sometimes, it appears impossible to stop thinking about someone you love. You are worried and don’t know what to do. You feel like the world is at stake if you can’t win the heart of someone you love. This is the most painful thing—to love someone who doesn’t even think of you. I love you so much.

3. I chose to love you with all my heart. I am happy because you are just so perfect for me. When I met you, love overwhelmed my heart and I am so happy for that. You belong to me, and I will always love you for the rest of my life.

4. The truth is that it is not possible to lie always to the one you love. right now, I am thinking of you, hoping that we meat anytime soon. I love you so much and wish you all the best. I will never forget you all my life.

5. I am in love with you, I am happy for you are so cute, nice, lovely, and above all the most handsome man ever met. It baffles me how I fall in love with you every minute. I love you with all my heart.

6. My heart beats for you every second, and this is an amazing fact that cannot be denied, it makes me want hug you from now until hundred years to come. I am so much in love with you because you have a special place in my heart.

7. How I wish you understand the strength of my feelings for you, you will understand the depth of the kind of love I have for you. I am happy that you are all the best in my heart. I will not forget you for you are all I need.

8. Thinking of you is natural. Just like no one can forget that the air exists, that’s how your thoughts are on my mind. I love you beyond what you think because you are the best for me. I love you like never before.

9. I am happy because I feel like a champion whenever I am with you; this shows the level of your kindness in my life. Indeed, I am in deep love with you, I need you all my life. I cherish you like never before.

10. Whenever the world faces you with challenges, never give up. Always remember that you have people who love you and are ready to do anything to keep you happy. I am one of them; I will always love you all my life.

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Sweetest I love you messages

From this article, we are going to learn some of the best just thinking about you messages which can you can include in a letter of thinking of your message. Sending your beloved boyfriend or husband beautiful messages to make their day is so romantic and lovely because it makes them aware of you. They can’t stop thinking about you and how much love you have for them. Therefore these sweetest I love you messages and thinking of you SMS are the best to send them:

  • I’d like to be the air you breathe and the Sun that heats you, but the most I want is to be the love of your life.
  • Every time you are away from me, I feel loneliness in my heart. I can’t stop missing and loving you. You can’t imagine how much I love you sweetheart, and how much I need you.
  • You are the owner of my heart, my feelings, my soul and my body. I completely belong to you, baby. I love you.
  • You are my day and my night, my sky, my Moon, my stars and my Sun. If it were my choice, we would be together all day. Thank you for giving me everything.
  • When we are together I feel a prisoner of your heart, I feel so happy that I don’t mind that my life depends on you. I don’t want to be free if I am chained to your love.
  • Loving you is knowing what true love is. There is no logical explanation for my feelings. My heart only responds to yours. You are the love of my life.
  • Love and being loved is the best feeling I ever felt. It is beautiful, crazy, unexpected and even magical. Thank you for loving me as much as I love you.
  • I love so many things about you that I don’t even know where to start. I like everything about you: I think you were made for me and I was made for you.
  • I never imagined how love could be until I met you. The only thing that really matters is to be together forever. I love you till the end of times.
  • Our friendship was the best preamble for our love story. I’ll never forget the day I met you, and I will always remember the day I loved you

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Quotes about thinking of you

  • “The one good thing about not seeing you is that I can write you letters.” » Svetlana Alliluyeva
  • “You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew.” – Pocahontas
  • “In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other.” » Linda Ellerbee
  • “Promise me you’ll never forget me because if I thought you would I’d never leave” – A.A. Milne
  • I am waiting and hoping and wishing for the time when we can be together again! Thinking of You… James
  • Where else would any sane man want to be, but in your eyes, your heart, and your arms, a sea of passion ever moving, beating like my heart when I think of you. Greg Mendoza
  • Every now and then my heart wanders back in time and all those old feelings awaken the memories in my mind. Fad Ibra
  • You are the sun in my day the wind in my sky the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart… Thinking of You! Paul
  • I’ve been thinking about you constantly since I left, wondering why the journey I’m on seemed to have led through you. I know my journey’s not over yet, and that life is a winding path, but I can only hope it somehow circles back to the place I belong. That’s how I think of it now. I belong with you. Nicholas Sparks
  • Do you know I never ever feel bored, never ever feel lonely, because you are always in my thoughts, morning, afternoon and night. Mitch Cuento
  • Just thought I’d let you know I’ve been thinking of you. So I thought I’d brighten up your day and bring a smile to you, praying God will touch your life in a more meaningful way and that you’ll feel the warmth of God, today and every day. M.S.Lowndes

I love you messages

  • When you see a falling star tonight, make a wish, it will come true because I wished and I found you.
  • To say I love you would be an understatement. You are my life and without you I can’t go on.
  • What on earth did I think about all the time before you?
  • I just want one thing to go on till the end, and that is loving you. I can’t stop myself from loving you. I Love you dear and will keep loving you.
  • Our love is like a rose, blooming in spring. It keeps growing as time passes. It is everlasting like the sun. I cannot exist without you. I love you so much.
  • You are the best thing in my life, you are like a romantic song with lovely lyrics. I promise that my love for you will stay like forever.
  • They say you only fall in love once, but that can’t be true… Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.
  • I know deep down in my heart, I won’t be able to find someone better because I already have the best.
  • You have no idea how much my heart races when I see you.
  • You do a million little things that bring to joy to my life.

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