The custom of sending blooms has been present from very ancient times. People express their adoration by various means. Probably the best way is by sending flowers to friends and family.

In the good old days, family members used to visit the flower specialists, paid them, who then personally delivered the flowers. With the emergence of web services to send flowers online has become a lot simpler.

Numerous sites provide online flower delivery straight to the home. The blossom to be delivered can be browsed at the site. The payment method is also easy and can be made either through a debit card, credit, or web banking. When the payment is done, the flowers are delivered to the receiver.

Nowadays flowers are sent for different reasons and occasions. It can be sent for anniversaries, birthdays and other kinds of celebrations and simply as a symbol of adoration.

People use various online stores to send blooms to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and other significant parts of the country. Let’s find what are the special moments that call for flower delivery:

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Blooms for Valentine’s Day 

There is no other excellent approach to communicate your affection than a bunch of red roses. A bouquet of red roses can pass on one’s adoration with ease. The roses can be given with cakes or chocolates to enhance joy. 

Mom’s Day blossoms 

In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Carnation and lily combos mark your adoration for your mother. Orchids and pansy combos are additionally extraordinary for observing this day. 

Flower for Birthday

A birthday is an exceptional event for anybody. People observe birthday events by cutting cakes and taking their companions and dear ones out for the party. It very well may be trailed by going out to see a film. Presenting yellow roses on a friend’s or relative’s birthday will make the event exceptional. 


Diwali is perhaps the most commended celebration in India. People living anywhere in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari observe this auspicious day. Shopping in India is at its top during Diwali week. Desserts are prepared in every home and distributed to loved ones as a symbol of affection.

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People take bath early in the morning and visit a temple on Diwali. People create cheerful memories by bursting crackers, eating desserts, and spending time with their friends and family. Flowers also have importance in this festival.

Garlands made from fresh flowers are offered to Gods and to adorn homes. People also online send flowers to their dear ones bouquets of roses, carnations, etc. to wish them a prosperous and joyous Diwali. When flowers are combined with chocolates, cake and gifts, an event becomes exceptional.


Pongal is celebrated in January. The festival is basically celebrated by the people living in the southern part of Tamil Nadu in India. It is celebrated to thank the God Sun for the big sunshine he has given.

Pongal is portrayed by bubbling rice with water in a mud pot until it overflows the pot. “Manjal Kothu” is the unique flower that blooms during the Pongal season and is sent to near and dear ones on Pongal day to communicate happiness.


Blossoms are most appropriate to compliment somebody on an accomplishment. It may be job promotion or profit in one’s organization or degree completion by student. Roses are an ideal gift to salute anybody on his success. 

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Symbol of Regards

An event isn’t obligatory to communicate one’s affection. Flowers can be sent to communicate a symbol of respect and affection without any reason. 


Flowers are essential for marriage occasions. The bride uses pretty flowers as part of her look on the best day of her life. Flowers also used to decorate the mandap and to enhance the entire ambiance to make the day look exceptional.

So, what are you waiting to go and purchase blooms and provide them to your dear ones with flower delivery.


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