It is undeniable that the number of professional YouTube channels has risen considerably after the lockdown. But it is not only millennials or young adults who decide to make this their main means of communication. More and more brands are launching to sell through the # 1 video channel: YouTube.

Suppose you have also thought about getting started in this world as a sales alternative for your business. We have something to tell you.

We have put together a list with some tips to start a YouTube channel without dying of frustration in the attempt:

1. Find someone who can inspire you

It is true that, at a point, it can be more difficult to create new content that communicates with the freshness of the first videos. It’s normal. Even the most professionals on YouTube go through it from time to time. The secret is to look everywhere for inspiration. Please write down your ideas, save posts that you like, visualize other channels that you like, and take advantage of their ideas to make them yours.

2. Plan your content well

You should know the theme of your youtube channel before even creating any videos. The best way to increase channel views and gain followers is to keep that content interesting and engaging; The more people can identify with it, the more they will want to click and even see it to the end.

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3. Start with a simple video editing program

Just because you want to create videos doesn’t mean you need an advanced program (like Final Cut Pro ) to edit your content. These software programs do not necessarily enhance your content.

If you are new to video editing, you will despair less with simple programs like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie or a web browser-based online YouTube video maker FlexClip. These are much easier to use and can be downloaded easily (and for free).

4. Get the right gear

Yes, your smartphone is a great tool for recording videos, but if you want your viewers to enjoy the content, you should invest in more elements. Most YouTube users use DSLRs or SLR cameras, along with other essential accessories like tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. For those who normally vlog on the go, a GoPro or compact camera, plus a good stabilizer or monopod or handheld, are typical gear staples.

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5. Build your network

To be successful on YouTube, you must go the extra mile to build your network. The collaborations between artists have proven effective in helping a channel grow and get new subscribers because it helps both partners to gain exposure to the base of subscribers of the other.

6. Connect with your viewers

Little by little, you will gain followers, and you will receive more comments from them in your videos and; It is even possible that you will receive some emails from followers if you decide to share your contact. As much as possible, try to post and share details of your day-to-day work on popular social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

7. Be consistent: upload videos regularly

No matter how good or bad you think your video content is, it’s important that you keep posting your videos.

Some YouTube channel owners post videos once or twice a week and let their viewers know when the next one will be (usually at the end of each video) so viewers know when to repost. This gives a channel a greater chance of getting a steady stream of views, especially once it gets a number of active subscribers.

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8. Ignore negative comments

No matter your number of subscribers, there will always be negative comments. After all, YouTube is abuzz with haters hiding behind their avatars. No matter how good you think your content is and how hard you work on it, there will be some people who will make hateful comments and try to bring you down.

Rather than letting them get to you, take it as a simple reminder that you can’t please everyone. Better focus on the energy that followers who appreciate what you do bring you to overcome difficulties and continue to produce content for them.


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