Abderrahim Tounsi Biography
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Abderrahim Tounsi, the greatest actor and comedian of all time, has died. Abderrahim Tounsi, commonly known as “Abdelraouf,” a famed Moroccan comedian, died at the age of 86 on January 2, 2022.

Abderrahim Tounsi Biography

Moroccan comedian Abderrahim Tounsi. He made generations of Moroccans chuckle. During his stay in prison, this Casablanca orphan imprisoned by colonial officials developed a passion for theater.

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Abderrahim Tounsi, with his silly and comic approach, triumphed where many others had failed thanks to television. Abderraouf has evolved to denote mocking in Moroccan slang.

This 1960s character was based on a classmate and has stood the test of time. Despite the fact that many young people are unfamiliar of him because he vanished from screens and message boards 1, his name is frequently mentioned in conversations about the greatest comic book creators in this country.

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Abderrahim Tounsi Cause of Death

In a Facebook post, Abderrahim’s son reported that the comic died after a long fight with an illness that required numerous hospitalizations.

The death of Abderrahim Tounsi has left the community in mourning. Apart from the confirmation of his death, it is currently unknown what caused his death, and the actual Abderrahim Tounsi cause of death has not been revealed.

We are seeking to contact Abderrahim Tounsi’s friends and relatives in order to discover more about his cause of death.

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