It’s important for new applicants to know more about the acceptance rate of Oxford. In the course of your college search, acceptance rates are crucial, let get to know what precisely they are. Simply put, the acceptance rate of a school is the proportion of applicants who are accepted. Since they are influenced by a variety of distinct circumstances, college admission rates might differ significantly from one institution to another. 

About Oxford University

In Oxford, England, there is a coeducational research institution called the University of Oxford. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second-oldest institution still in operation, with traces of instruction dating back to 1096.

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Since Henry II forbade English students from enrolling at the University of Paris in 1167, it has expanded quickly. Some academics moved to Cambridge in the north-east following tensions between students and Oxford town residents in 1209, where they founded what would become the University of Cambridge. The two historic universities in England, together known as Oxbridge, have a lot in common. Both institutions are listed among the top universities in the world.

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What is the Acceptance Rate for Oxford?

The University of Oxford has an admittance rate of roughly 17%, making it a very selective university. However, only about 9% of overseas applicants are accepted into the school, which is a lower acceptance rate. Nevertheless, less than half of the students at Oxford University are British citizens

What are the qualifications for international students?

The University provides broad advice on the kinds of credentials and grades from nations outside the UK that are typically regarded as meeting its minimal entry requirements. Additionally, you should confirm that you match the prerequisites for the particular course you are applying to, which are listed on each course page. Academic departments may employ additional sources of data on grading standards, such as those within your particular subject area, when establishing both entry requirements and offer conditions for individual courses.

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If you need additional information about Oxford, check through their website and you will get every info about Oxford. 


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