It is weekend already, Friday night is the beginning of the weekend. Do you want a place to chill out for the night or the weekend? Your worries and long search is over. We have listed some of the top night clubs you will find in Accra, the heart of Ghana. Get dressed and let’s go chill out there.

List Of 10 Top Night Clubs In Accra.

Accra Night Clubs
  • Shisha Lounge

The Shisha lounge is one of the best night clubs in Accra. It is located in Osu and known for its wide selection of shisha flavor, good food and great cocktail.

  • Carbon Night Club
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Carbon Night Club is one of the most famous night clubs among clubbers. It is situated in the penthouse of Icon House in Accra.

  • Hotgossip Night Club

It is a Night club located in Osu, Accra.It is one of the famous and hottest clubs in Accra

  • Bloom Bar

Bloom Bar is one of the classy night clubs in Accra. This night club is situated on the Troas Street in Accra.

  • Nhyraba Kojo City Night Club

Nhyiraba Kojo City night club is night club owned by the former hip-life and high-life artist Nhyiraba Kojo. The night club is situated on the Spintex Road in Accra.

  • Ace Tantra Night Club
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Ace Tantra is one of the most hottest clubs currently in Accra. It is located in Osu, Accra.

  • Twist Night Club

Twist night club is one of the top best clubs in Accra. This is the place to be on Saturday night to have the time of your life.

  • Champs Sports Bar

Champs Sports Bar is one of the famous and busiest clubs in Accra on Friday nights.

  • Plot 7
Accra Night Clubs

Plot 7 is a very popular night club situated in Osu La Crescent. It is well known for its busy and lively night live during weekends.

  • Duplex Night Club
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Duplex night club is an old-school Accra night club, featuring bright decor and a laid-back ambiance on the terrace.


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