Alberto Nonino
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This was the awkward moment when an athlete had to cover his manhood after it popped out of his shorts while commanding, followed by LAST. Fortunately, the Italian athlete was able to laugh off the hilarious moment, which was live broadcast on television. Alberto Nonino, a decathlete, sped past two competitors in the 400 meters at this year’s World Athletics U20 Championships in Colombia.

When he reached the final straight, he slowed noticeably and could be seen tucking into his loose-fitting shorts at least six times as competitors passed him, and he finished near the back of the pack. The 18-year-problems old are down below were immediately blamed for his slowed pace.

“World Athletics U20 Championships in Cali, Colombia,” sports journalist David Sanchez de Castro revealed in a tweet alongside footage of Nonino’s embarrassing moment.

“Last series of the 400 meters decathlon. The Italian Alberto Nonino in lane five begins very well but crosses the finishing line last.

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“He had his p**** out, literally.”

In a follow-up tweet, Sanchez wrote: “Perhaps I’ve explained myself poorly.

“His penis escaped out of the side of his shorts and he had to hold it because it wasn’t allowing him to run properly which is normal when your dongle is swinging from side to side.”

The spanish-speaking press blamed Nonino’s slow 51.57 second run on him opting to run without underpants.

The promising young runner was able to shrug off the embarrassment clip, which had gone viral.

He said in an Instagram story: “I just want to talk to you a little bit about the rumpus there’s been on blogs and social media in general.

“I’m conscious it was obviously an accident and I’d like to tell you I’m aware of the reaction and you don’t need to send me the links to the blogs out there.

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“I’m trying to laugh about it now but immediately afterwards I felt terrible and I’m thankful to my friends and family for helping me get over what happened a few hours later.”

Spanish daily La Razon said of Italian’s faux pas: “This race will at least serve as a lesson for future events.

“Better to wear pants and use the right shorts for long-distance events.”

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