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Ifeoma Ekubo, who claims to be Alex Ekubo‘s sister, has refuted accusations that the actor is gay. Homosexuality does not run in her family, she claims.

Remember that model Fancy Acholonu, who was formerly engaged to Alex, recently revealed that in their five years together, Alex never got physical with her. Alex, she claims, stated that he wished to remain celibate due to religious views.

Ifeoma refuted Fancy’s assertion that she and Alex were never intimate in a recent interview with Obodo Oyinbo TV on YouTube. According to Ifeoma, Alex told her that he and Fancy made love in January 2022 after they reconciled after she canceled their wedding in August 2021.

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”When he started talking to me, he said I was with Fancy in January because that thing happened in August, The wedding was supposed to hold in November of that year. So January of the next year, they made up and he told how they made up, they made love, they did this, they did that. He told me and even Fancy has even said it with her mouth to one of my friends that they had sex after they made up. I am so angry with Fancy right now.” she said

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On claims that Alex is gay, Ifeoma said;

”Alex is not gay, It doesn’t run in the family. We don’t have that in the family.”

Listen to her speak below…

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