Alvaro Morte Net Worth 2021


Who is Alvaro Morte? Alvaro Morte popular known as professor in the most stream Netflix series Money Heist ( La Casa Del Papier) is a is a Spanish actor.

I know most of you love the actor for his role in the series but have you wondered what is the professor real name? if Yes then this article has got you the answers you searching for.

What Is Professor’s Real Name Money Heist

Álvaro Antonio García Pérez is the real name of professor in the Netflix series Money Heist.

The professor as we call him is the big brains behind the successful heists in the series. Alvaro Morte was born on the 23rd of February,1975 Algeciras, Spain.

He is married to stylish called Blanca Clemente and they are blessed with two lovely children called Leon and Julieta.

Alvaro Morte graduated from Escuela superior de arte dramatico de Córdoba in 1999.

The professor was diagnosed with tumor cancer when he was 33 years but thankfully to God he won that fight against cancer and since then he acted in several movies which has won him award and fame.

Alvaro Morte Career

He started his acting career, with a local television series, Hospital Central, and moved on to playing the role of Ray in Planta 25. Since he became an actor he has played supporting roles mainly in Spanish TV series and films as well. He became very popular in 2017 for his role as El professor in Money Heist which is now everyone movie lover’s favorite Netflix series.

However, Alvaro Morte has featured in many movies like Bandolera, Aida, Isabel, La memorial Del agua and ithers. Aside him being an actor he has a performance center organization with the name ‘300 Pistolas’ that he established together his wife in 2012.

Alvaro Morte Net Worth 2021

What is Alvaro Morte Net Worth? Alvaro Morte Net Worth 2021 is estimated to be $2million. Money heist has become l one of the best non-English series on ‘Netflix,’ and Sergio Marquina that’s El Professor has won millions of hearts across the world. The fame of Money Heist made the Spanish actor one of the most paid actors and increased his net worth.

Alvaro Morte awards

  • The 25th Zapping Awards for Best Actor, (2020)
  • 7th Platino Awards for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Tv Series,(2020)
  • 28th Actors and Actresses Union Awards for the Best Leading Actor(Tv),(2019)
  • 275h Actor and Actresses Union for the Best Leading Actor (Tv), 2018
  • 5th Feroz Awards for Best Main Actor in a Tv Series,(2018)

Alvaro Morte’s Social Media Profiles

You can follow El professor on social media via the following links

Alvaro Morte Facebook Page

Alvaro Morte on Twitter

Alvaro Morte on Instagram

Alvaro Morte on Youtube


Who is Alvaro Morte?

Alvaro Morte is a Spanish actor renowned for his role as “El Profesor” in Money Heist.

What is the name of Alvaro’s wife?

El professor is Married to Blanca Clemente a stylist.

How many children do Blanca and Alvaro have?

Blanca and Alvaro have non-identical twins called Julieta and Leon.

How old is El professor

He was born on 23rd of February,1975 Algeciras, Spain. So he is 46 years old as of 2021.

What are Alvaro Morte’s hobbies?

He loves travelling, reading, swimming, and bike riding.

What is Alvaro Morte Net Worth?

Alvaro Morte Net Worth 2021 is estimated to be $2million


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