Amanda Serrano Husband: Who Is Jordan Maldonado?
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Amanda Serrano Husband: Who Is Jordan Maldonado? Amanda Serrano is a professional boxer, MMA fighter, and wrestler from Puerto Rico. She is the world’s unified featherweight champion, having held the WBO and WBC titles since 2019, as well as the IBO title since March 2021.

Amanda Serrano Husband: Who Is Jordan Maldonado?

People frequently mistake Jordan Maldonado for Serrano’s husband, but he is actually Amanda Serrano’s trainer, manager, and brother-in-law. Jordan Maldonado is married to Amanda Serrano’s sister, Cindy Serrano.

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Cindy Serrano, Amanda Serrano’s sister, and trainer Jordan Maldonado were charged in 2007 with trafficking steroids and other drugs to customers.

This was the result of an undercover investigation at two New York City gyms. The vast majority of customers were aspiring boxers and bodybuilders.

Cindy Serrano faced nine years in prison if she was convicted, but she was not sentenced and instead had her driver’s license revoked. Her husband, Maldonado, risked ten years in prison by pleading guilty and receiving a one-year sentence.

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Amanda Serrano is said to have been charged as well, though she was found not guilty. The Ohio Athletic Commission suspended Jordan Maldonado for six months in September for ‘disorderly behavior’ following Amanda Serrano’s Showtime PPV fight with Yamileth Mercado.

The main event, which took place on August 29, featured a fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley.

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