Amputee woman miraculously welcomes first baby after doctors declared her barren and unable to conceive due to accident


A South African woman who was declared barren and unable to conceive due to the veracity of the accident she had which resulted in her leg been amputated, welcomes a baby.

This is a huge miracle since Nomawethu Mpuntse had lost all hopes based on what the doctors told her after she was able to escape death narrowly.

She can now look at life with a renewed hope and belief, that everything is possible.

How did Nomawethu Mpuntse get her leg amputated? How did the accident occur?

Mpuntshe was waiting for an Uber outside when a drunk driver slammed into her, causing her leg to detach from her body. According to Algoa FM, a 33-year-old man sitting in the car’s passenger seat was also killed in the accident.

Mputshe opened up to News 24 about her healing journey. She claims that forgiving herself and the drunk driver has given her a new lease on life. The determined young woman is also choosing not to dwell on her pain, but rather on all the ways she can assist others in similar situations.

“I was so broken that I couldn’t even touch my stump,” she explains. “When you get outside of yourself, you can heal. I’m going to get stuck as long as I focus on my pain, what I’ve lost, and what didn’t work out.

“I now have something to offer others in the form of comfort, especially to those who are going through something similar to what I’ve gone through.”

Mputshe revealed that finding out she was pregnant was the happiest moment of her life. After being told she might not be able to conceive, becoming a mother felt like a miracle.

“My son is now my motivation because, despite everything I went through and what the doctors said, God trusted me enough to make me a mother. “His name is Iminathi, which translates loosely as ‘God is with us,’” she added.

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