Andie Vitale Biography And Net Worth
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Andie Vitale is the lucky son Tom Vitale. In this article, you will find a detailed biography, net worth, career, and other useful and interesting information about Andie Vitale.

Who Is Andie Vitale?

Andie Vitale is the son of the popular American entrepreneur, internet personality, TV presenter, and financial planner named Tom Vitale. Andie Vitale is very popular for the wealth and fame of his father. His mother is Valarie Bertinelli.

Andie Vitale Biography And Net Worth
Andie Vitale Biography And Net Worth

His mother Valerie Bertinelli is a well-known actress and television host. Valerie is the current host of twp food television programs on Food Channel.

Andie Vitale is the firstborn of his parents. His other younger siblings are, Angela Vitale and Wolfgang Van Halen. Andie and his siblings are of American heritage.

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Andie Vitale’s Parents

Andie Vitale’s father is Thomas P. Vitale popularly known as Tom Vitale. Tom Vitale is a well-known entrepreneur and financial planner. He was born on the 15th of August in the year 1963.

Andie Vitale Biography And Net Worth

Andie Vitale’s Father, Tom Vitale has been married to his wife Valerie Anne Bertinelli since 2011, which is 10 years now. Valerie Anne Bertinelli is an award-winning actress, author, and chef. Valerie Anne Bertinelli was born on 23rd April 1960.

Tom Vitale attended William College, which is one of the known institutions in the country. Tom Vitale is the C.E.O. of an e-commerce company which is known as Veebow. The company was founded and launched in 2011 together with his friend Edward Leow.

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What Andie Vitale’s Net Worth

Andie Vitale is a very private person who keeps his personal life activities secret from the media. Due to this, much information is known about his personal life, education and net worth.

Andie Vitale Biography And Net Worth
Andie Vitale Biography And Net Worth

But his father, Tom Vitale is known to have an estimated net worth which is approximated to be $5 million.

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