Antwain Lee Fowler dies at age 6
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Antwain Lee Fowler famous kid known for saying “where we about to eat at?” is reported is died at age 6 reports.

Antwain Lee Fowler dies at age 6
Antwain Lee Fowler dies at age 6

This sad news was announced via Antwain Lee Fowler Instagram page by his mother, China. The post about his death has the caption;

reads, “The pain in my heart is like no other Why God!!!” Her caption was similar … “Never in a million years My heart is out my chest!!!!”

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The cause of Antwain Lee Fowler death is not yet out but many believe it’s an illness he has been battling with for some years now. The illness is called autoimmune enterapothy and it’s inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrition.

According to source he has been battling with this illness since 2015 till now. The where we about to eat at star became very popular after video of us witty banter body go social media buzzing.

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