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Are You Noticing Excessive Hair Fall During The Summers? Don’t you feel scared when thinking of hair fall? Well, they say once you start facing the hair fall it is a forever story if you will not take proper care of it.

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Be it, men or women, hair fall is quite common in both these days. Especially, when the summers are here, witnessing hair fall is nothing new. While some face low hair fall and some face excessive hair fall; but it is a worry for all. At times, hair fall can lead to baldness also if proper precautions are not taken on time.


Are You Noticing Excessive Hair Fall During The Summers?
Are You Noticing Excessive Hair Fall During The Summers?

But do not worry, as here we will help you know how you can save yourself from the excessive hair fall during summers. Before, we learn these tips and preventive measures; let’s discover the reason behind hair fall during summers.

Well, this involves both external and internal factors. And knowing well about these reasons will help us find a better solution for hair fall during summers.

One of the main reasons behind the hair fall during summers is the insulation of hair in our head. Due to weather change and extremely hot weather, the hair follicles tend to go in a resting phase.

Due to this, our body sheds more hair during the summer season for keeping the body cool. You will notice that your hair fall will usually start during the extremely hot month. It is the time when the premature hair follicles go into the resting phase.

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Another reason is the damage to hair due to the sun and UV rays. During summers, the sun makes our hair dry and dull by drying all the scalp moisture and oil. This makes our hair brittle and rough, due to which we face more hair fall in this season.

These two are the main reasons, though there are more, like, dandruff during summers, affect of air conditioning, etc.

Now, it’s time to know how to prevent hair fall during summers using the tips we are sharing below. But if you still face hair fall issues, we recommend you see a hair specialist.

 Excessive Hair Fall
Are You Noticing Excessive Hair Fall During The Summers?

Hydration is what we need a lot during summers

Due to dehydration during summers, our hair becomes dry because of the moisture loss. And we already said above that dry and brittle hair is more prone to hair fall. You can avoid this by keeping yourself as much hydrated as you can.

Drinking a good amount of water during summers will not only save you from hair fall and dry hair. But it will also keep your body cool and will provide enough moisture to your hair. Make a habit of drinking around three to four liters of water every day.

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Do try aloe vera for hair fall control

Have you heard before that Aloe Vera helps prevent hair fall? If not, then add it to the list of remedies, as it is helping people for a long time. Be it the aloe vera gel or the aloe vera juice, both of them are good for your hair.

Take the fresh and raw gel out of the aloe plant leaves for applying on the scalp. By applying aloe vera gel on the scalp, it will keep your scalp moisturized, and your dandruff away. If you do not have an aloe plant at home, buy aloe vera gel from the store. Also, get aloe vera juice, as drinking it helps in keeping hair strong.

No heat styling products during summer

Be it the hairdryer or hair curler or hair straightening device, avoid using any of these during summers. Making use of these devices can damage hair badly. Especially, if you are applying any protective serum on your hair before using these devices.

We recommend that instead of drying hair using the hairdryer, opt for natural air dry. Try to avoid those hairstyles which need heat for styling, it will save your hair from becoming dry.

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Healthy Diet is a must to control hair fall

We all know that our diet can affect our hair, body, and skin, so we must take care of it. One should try to add more green vegetables and amino acids to their diet to prevent hair fall.

Nutrients like protein, Omega-6s, Omega-3s, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, iron, etc are essential for healthy hair. So, include such food items in your diet, so that you can keep your hair strong and save it from hair fall.

We hope with the help of these tips you will be able to prevent hair fall this summer season. These tips will help in keeping your hair healthy and strong. But, if you are dealing with severe hair fall issues, do not avoid them.

Instead, see a hair fall specialist or a dermatologist as early as possible. You can connect with the hair experts at Aesthetica 360 Clinic also, as they have been treating hair fall problems for many years. With their help, you will be able to prevent hair fall with ease.


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