Are you looking for a classic, unique and beautiful Asian Woman Name, Asian name for your baby girl? Find out popular Asian girl names that have beautiful and inspiring meanings, that modern parents love.

Asian woman name

Asia is the earth’s largest and most popular continent in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. They are made up of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indian among others.

Asian cultures are the most interesting and diverse in the world. Some Asian women have names of Latin, French, English, and Greek ancestry.

Most Asians have names that have a positive meaning and proclaim good upon their children’s live.

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Find out some of the Asian Woman Names that have unique meanings. Below are some of the Asian names:

Beautiful Asian Woman Names and their interpretation.

  • Aki means sparkle
  • Akira means bright and intelligent
  • Erika means fragrant pear
  • Ayaka means colorful flower
  • Emi means blessing
  • Cho means butterfly
  • Chiaki means sparkling light
  • Bashira means bright and joyful
  • Emiko means beautiful, blessed child
  • Aera means love
  • Dae means shining
  • Dasom means love
  • Eui means someone with good conscience
  • Go means someone who completes you
  • Gi means brave girl
  • Kwan means strong girl
  • Tye means valley field
  • Thai Vanida means golden girl
  • Tsubasa means wing
  • Rina means Jasmine
  • Himari means sun
  • Kiara means fortune
  • Hitom means pupil of the eyes
  • Keon means real beauty
  • Kimi means the beautiful story
  • Wei means precious
  • Sying means star
  • Na means smooth and elegant
  • Ting means graceful
  • Juan means gracious
  • Rong means beautiful
  • Bo means precious
  • Jin means gold
  • Bai means being crystal clear
  • Run a means gentle and kind-hearted
  • Tomo means knowledgeable
  • Takara means as precious as jewelry
  • Shun means being very talented
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Asian woman nname
  • Shiko means a strong woman
  • Nori means good with morals and beliefs
  • Nozomi means hope or wish
  • Niko means daylight
  • Mio means pretty cherry blossom
  • Kasumi means mystical or magical
  • Kaiya means forgiving
  • Kana means to be powerful
  • Kagami means reflection in the mirror



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