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50 Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers


Looking for baby names meaning god answers prayers? If yes then search no more as this article got you covered on the top 50 baby names meaning god answers prayers you can give to your newborn child.

No matter where you find yourself these baby names can be used and given to both genders. As we all know names give children identification and make them unique among their peers. So continue your read!

Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers

Below are the baby names meaning God answers prayers;

Eliana- My God has Answered

Elia- My God has Answered

Anaya – God answered

Arabella – Answered Prayer

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Saul – Prayed for

Lian – God has Answered

Noah- Prayed for

Elijah- My God has Answered

Charlotte – My God has Answered

Selasi – My God has Answered

Aiden- My God has Answered

Daniel- My God has Answered

Michael – My God has Answered

Jack- My God has Answered

Elizabeth – My God has Answered

Isaac- My God has Answered

Elias- My God has Answered

Hannah – My God has Answered

Eli- My God has Answered

Caleb- My God has Answered

Ezekiel – My God has Answered

Gabriella – My God has Answered

Ian- My God has Answered

Micah- My God has Answered

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Janaya – God has answered

Deetya – An answer of prayers; the Goddess Lakshmi

Jonathan -My God has Answered

Anaesha – Special one; answered prayer; a life that does not have darkness

Anaia – God’s answer

Anaisha – Special; an answered prayer

Anina – God has favored me; an answer to my prayer

Ara – An answered prayer; to pray for; ornament; bringer of rain; adornment or embellishment; decorative

Dithya – Answer of prayers

Ditya – Another name for Goddess Lakshmi; answer of prayers

Dityaa – An anwer of prayers, another name for Goddess Lakshmi

Duvansh – Gift given from prayer; part of the divine/God

Jebabalan – Son of prayer

Anaish – An answered prayer; special

Anam – Blessing or reward; creature of God

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Anaya – Answer of God

Ane – God has shown favor; God is gracious; graceful

Eliana – My God has answered me

Elyana – My God has answered me

Pernita – An answered prayer

Yashiv – God will answer; another name for Lord Shiva


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