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Barbara Thore Husband: Who Is Glenn Thore?


Many people knew Barbara “Babs” Thore as Whitney’s mom from the show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” She had turned 76. Barbara “Babs” Thore is an actress whose role in “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” has kept people glued to their TVs for years.

Her daughter Whitney wrote on her Instagram page that she had died. Babs Thore came into the world on June 22, 1946. She died at the age of 76.

Barbara Thore height

Barbara Thore was 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Who is Glenn Thore, Barbara “Babs” Thore’s husband?

Glenn Thore was married to Barbara “Babs” Thore. In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Glenn Thore is the Vice President and General Manager of Millennium Print Group. In August of 1977, they got married, and they have been together ever since. They are lucky to have two kids who work in the movie business.

Barbara Thore children

Glenn and Barbara “Bab” Thore have two children. They are both named Whitney. She is a performer. Hunter also acts in plays. He first appeared on “Skype of the Damned” in 2014. He was also good in the movie Demon Doctor.

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Barbara Thore obituary

On Wednesday, Whitney Thore wrote on Instagram that her mother had died. Barbara “Babs” Thore was probably best known as Whitney’s mom on the TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She was in the 76th year of her life.

Whitney says that her mother died at 10:32 at night. “Just as the credits rolled on her favorite movie” on Wednesday, which is also when Whitney was born almost 40 years ago.

Whitney told everyone that her mother has cerebral amyloid angiopathy, a disease that gets worse over time and can’t be cured. People with this disease are more likely to have a brain hemorrhage, a stroke, or dementia. In 2017, she had her first stroke. The last one she had was on November 13.

Nick Holly, who ran the show for a long time and was one of the people who made it, died at the age of 51.

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Whitney wrote, My mother is our family’s greatest gift,’ Whitney wrote. Nothing or no one else could ever have more of our love, respect, or esteem. You’re probably reading this because you’ve experienced her enchantment yourself, and you know all about her beautiful smile, infectious laugh, funny comments, and ability to make anybody she meets feel welcome and loved. What you have seen and felt through a TV screen is a tiny percentage that, if multiplied by a million, wouldn’t come close to “real life,” but you can’t possibly comprehend the depth of my mother’s love.

As Thore’s health got worse, the TLC show talked about it. The most recent episode of the show’s 10th season was about Thore’s stay in the hospital after one of her strokes and her eventual release.

In October, the 12 episodes of the tenth season of My Big Fabulous Life came to an end. So far, there has been no sign that Season 10 will be picked up for a 12th season.

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