#BBNaija: “Our only crime is loving each other” – Bella and Sheggz speak on perceived resentment from housemates (Video)


Sheggz and Bella, Big Brother Naija season 7 lovebirds, have stated that they detect enmity from the other housemates against them. Following Sheggz’s intense argument with roommate Adekunle on Tuesday night, the couple discussed at length about the negative energy they had been receiving from the rest of their level mates.

On Tuesday night, August 16, Sheggz and Adekunle got into a furious disagreement. The level 1 roommates, who haven’t been on good terms since the beginning of the season, engaged in a verbal brawl last night.

Sheggz started the drama last night by calling Adekunle stupid and accusing him of playing the victim card. This upset Adekunle, who responded by telling Sheggz that he isn’t intellectual. The situation deteriorated, and the housemates were about to go physical if their coworkers hadn’t intervened quickly.

After the brawl with Adekunle, Sheggz told his love-interest Bella that the roommates dislike them because they love each other. Bella concurred and said that she had also encountered some antagonism toward them from their colleagues.

“The only crime we committed in this house is being together. I can feel the energy, I feel the vibes from everybody, Why? because I found a girl I genuinely love and y’all know I genuinely love her and its not a game. You know I’m not doing this for the screen”. Sheggz told Bella.


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