BBTitans: Meet The Big Brother Titans Housemates (Photos)

The reality TV show Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) is the first of its type, with housemates from South Africa and Nigeria.

According to sources in Nigeria, the first season of BBTitans will have housemates who will live in a confined house away from the rest of the world for 72 days.

Alliances will be formed and disbanded. Friendships and situational relationships will sail and sink. Friends and foes will be revealed.

Viewers will have the opportunity to vote on who remains and who goes during their stay in the Big Brother house. At the end of the show, a winner will be determined by fan popularity votes.

BBTitans: Meet The Big Brother Titans Housemates (Photos)

The followings are the Profile/Biography of housemates for the Big Brother Titans season 1 reality show.

Name: Blaqboi
Age: 26
Location: originally from Plateau State in Nigeria, now lives in Jos
Occupation: Content creator, aspiring filmmaker
Cool, calm, and level-headed, Blaqboi is a great storyteller, so it comes as no surprise that he’s an aspiring filmmaker. He’s also charming, funny, and confident with plenty of street smarts.

Name: Ebubu
Age: 28
Location: originally from Anambra State in Nigeria, now in Lagos
Occupation: Actor, model
With his dynamic personality and street smarts, Ebubu is open-minded and interested in the world around and beyond him. Humour, resilience, calm, and determination also mark his personality.

Name: Ipeleng
Age: 24
Location: Originally from the North West, now in the Gauteng province, South Africa
Occupation: Law Student
Ipeleng has both a great sense of humour but also a shy side. She is close to her parents and has the utmost respect for them.

Name: Jaypee
Age: 26
Location: Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation: Nurse, model
Jaypee is a liberal lover of love and loves to take risks in this regard. To this end, a flirty confidence and an open mind serve her well.

Name: Jenni O
Age: 24
Location: Originally from Imo State, Nigeria, now in the USA
Occupation: Health and safety specialist
Spontaneous and spicy, Jenni O loves to talk. She’s a colourful daredevil with opinions and no time for nonsense.

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Name: Juicy Jay
Age: 24
Location: Eastern Cape in South Africa
Occupation: Semi-pro rugby player
Charismatic and energetic, Juicy Jay loves to mingle and party. This proudly Xhosa man is highly competitive and loves living on the edge.

Name: Justin
Age: 21
Location: East London, South Africa
Occupation: Photographer
Easy-going Justin is generally fun and engaging. Happy-go-lucky, he loves to laugh, but he’s also that responsible friend.

Name: Kanaga Jnr
Age: 23
Location: originally from Abia State in Nigeria, now in Lagos
Occupation: Model, aspiring actor
The athletic Kanaga Jnr is charming yet candid, expressive yet calm. He has a boyish charm, but is mature for his age, and is a sensitive young man who loves older woman.

Name: Khosi
Age: 25
Location: Originally from KwaZulu-Natal, she lives in Johannesburg South Africa
Occupation: Journalist
Khosi’s personality suits her journalism profession: she is talkative and open-minded. While adventurous, she is also self-aware.

Name: Lukay
Age: 31
Location:  KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Occupation: Sales executive
Self-aware and brutally honest, Lukay is also highly empathetic and a traditionalist: he moved to KwaZulu-Natal to re-establish a relationship with his parents. His lovely smile is a marker of his vibrancy.

Name: Marvin
Age: 28
Location: Originally from Port Harcourt in Nigeria, now in Texas, USA
Occupation: Chemical engineer/model
Marvin is a charismatic guy who comes from humble beginnings. The well-travelled adventurer is protective of those he loves. He says he is a cute boy with brains and a sense of humour to match.

Name: Mmeli
Age: 24
Location: Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South. Africa
Occupation: Content creator, model
Bred in the ‘Brow, Mmeli is fearless and street smart with a naughty streak. He has no qualms about what others think about him. He likes partying and is devoted to his bachelor lifestyle.

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Name: Nana
Age: 22
Location: Originally from Kaduna State, Nigeria
Occupation: Entrepreneur
While soft-spoken, Nana doesn’t conform to social norms. She comes off as timid but it may be a case of still waters run deep.

Name: Nelisa
Age: 25
Location: Originally from the Eastern Cape, now in Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation: TBC
Nelisa is dynamite in a small package. She is lively and spunky. She also tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Name: Olivia
Age: 22
Location: Originally from  Imo State, Nigeria
Occupation: Aspiring actor
Olivia is glam girl with a little bit of a wild side. The bold and daring aspirational actor is a big dreamer.

Name: Thabang
Age: 21
Location: Originally Soweto, now in Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation: Sports data analyst
Big-voiced Thabang is a go-getter who knows his game. Charming and level-headed, he’s also in touch with his emotions, and his drive and focus doesn’t diminish his love for fun.

Name: Tsatsii
Age: 24
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Occupation: Engineering, biotechnology, microbiology student
Tsatsii is cerebral and grounded yet equally curious about life. Her brains match her beauty.

Name: Yaya
Age: 30
Location: Originally from the Eastern Cape, now in Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation: Plus size model
Yaya is talkative and has a big, bold personality. She is quietly confident and matured and is not afraid to be vulnerable.

Name: Yemi Cregx
Age: 30
Location: originally from Ekiti State in Nigeria, now in Lagos
Occupation: Model, actor
Tall, dark, and handsome Yemi Cregx is confident and outgoing. While he is a highly competitive individual, he’s also known for wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Name: Yvonne
Age: 28
Location: Originally from Akwa Ibom State, now in Lagos, Nigeria
Occupation: Model, content creator
Yvonne was made for the soft life and is used to getting what she wants. However, this pastor’s kid is also resilient and bold.

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