10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa

What are the best places to visit in Johnnesburg south africa? With galleries, retaurants, and museums on offer, there are a lot of places to visit in Johannesburg regardless of the season.

10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa
10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa

Johnnesburg is the popular called a city of gold and also the biggest city in South Africa with many amazing places, tourists attractions and the number south Africa vacation destination.

Many have the opinion that the gold city, also called by the locals as Jo’burg, Jozi, and E’Goli, is only famous history but inside this article you will get to know about the best places to stay in Johanesburg and also best places to visit in Johannesburg.

Best Places to Stay in Johannesburg

When it comes to places to stay in Johannesburg, the city can boast of a lot but sometimes difficult due to how Jo’burg is huge. Also everyone who visits the city wants to be closer to the best tourist attractions. If that is the case then how do you discover the best places to stay when in southafrica? Well, we’ve scoured the best areas in Johannesburg to find three safe areas to stay that budget friendly and will make your south Africa vacation a memorable. So, without wasting time let’s check out the best places to stay in Johannesburg!

What is the safest area in Johannesburg?

When you visiting south Africa and you want the safest areas to stay look no further as the biggest city Jozi is the best city to pick. The safest areas to stay in are Sandton, Melrose, Melville, Rosebank Mall, and Norwood.

  • Melrose
  • Sandton
  • Rivonia
  • Rosebank mall
  • norwood

10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa

What are the top attractions to visit in Johannesburg?

The top attractions to visit in Johannesburg are:

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum

The number best places to visit in Johannesburg south Africa is Apartheid Museum.This is where all the history of south Africa can be found as the museum portrays the apartheid story through photographs, artifacts, newspaper clippings, and film footage.

I will recommend that anyone who wishes to know more about South Africa’s struggle for freedom, should also visit the Liliesleaf Farm Museum, the former center for the leaders of the liberation movement.

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Official site: http://www.apartheidmuseum.org

Gold Reef City

10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa
10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa

 The Gold Reef City is one of the most famous Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa as its just 8km from the city center. This attraction takes you back to the gold rush days through a series of thrilling theme park rides and historical exhibits.This family-accommodating fascination has proliferations of structures and organizations from the time, and you can likewise visit a neglected shaft of the Crown Mines, one of the most extravagant gold-mines on the planet. Youngsters love the jumping place, ten-pin bowling alley, and thrilling amusement park rides, including the wandering aimlessly Anaconda exciting ride. The recreation center likewise offers committed rides for small kids, just as a petting zoo. Putt-putt golf, sideshow games, and gold panning balance the undertakings.

Official site: https://www.tsogosun.com/gold-reef-city-casino

Mandela House

10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa

The Mandela House is s an interesting tourist destination in south Africa for those interest to learn about the history on the world’s most famous former prisoner, Nelson Mandela. The tourist site is located in Soweto, in Orlando West about 30 minutes west of central Johannesburg. It’s on the corner of Vilakazi St and Mvubu St. Rates.It was where Nelson Mandela lived between 1946 and 1962.The house is a humble abode of four inter-leading rooms that today contain a collection of memorabilia, paintings and photographs of the Mandela family. Even a pair of Mandela’s old boots lie on a shelf for display.

Market Theatre

The Market Theater complex housed in a changed over market building, has a significant impact in Johannesburg’s social life. It has four live theater scenes where probably the best production in South Africa are produced. The complex also includes a bookshop, art and photographic gallery, and restaurants.This place also has the popular jzz venue called Kippie and also the Museum Africa that show the reproductions of huts, tools, arts and crafts, dress, and toys are done by the South African tribes.

The Lion Park

One of the best places to visit in Johannesburg south Africa is the lion park and is located in the Gauteng Province. The lion park aside having the Transvaal lions as their main tourist attractions, its also houses a number of other animals that are indigenous to Africa. When you visit this tourist attraction in south Africa you can to interact with the lions and also indulge in fun activities like a safari expedition, a tour of the four lion pride camps, and more.

Official site: http://www.lionandsafaripark.com/

Pilanesberg National Park

One of the famous game reserve in south Africa is the Pilanesberg National Park which is just 2.5 hours from Jozi. The park is located in a transition zone between the lush Lowveld vegetation and the parched Kalahari desert. This tourist attraction allows visitors see Africa’s Big Five that’s lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. However the park also houses other African animals such as dogs, sable antelope, zebras, and 300 species of birds.

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Official Site: https://www.pilanesbergnationalpark.org/

Hector Pieterson Memorial

The Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, is located in Orlando West, Soweto. This memorial is one of the best places to visit in Johannesburg south Africa because of the historybehind the museum. The Hector Pieterson memorial commemorates the role of schools children played in the Soweto protests of 1976 of which some were shot by police, including the museum’s namesake Hector Pieterson, who was only 12 years old.


10 Best Places To Visit In Johannesburg South Africa

Pretoria is 55km from Jo’burg and is the administrative capital of south Africa with lots of historical buildings, monuments, and museums.Burning with the purple tones of jacarandas in the spring, Pretoria is additionally a city of gardens and parks. Visiting this tourist site will allow you have see the Pretoria National Botanic Garden, the Voortrekker Monument, Freedom Park, the large zoo.

Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is a previous jail, which gives intriguing understanding into South Africa’s set of experiences. At the site, you can investigate provocative displays at the Number Four museum, the Women’s Gaol museum, and the Old Fort museum. Together, the area was once known as The Fort, and it manufactured a standing for its fierce treatment of political detainees, normal crooks, and uninvolved resistors; popular previous detainees incorporate Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Today, the old Awaiting Trial building has been changed into the Constitutional Court of South Africa, an image of opportunity that attempts to ensure the privileges of the relative multitude of country’s kin. The court invites guests who need to go to hearings and watch the legal interaction. Directed voyages through Constitutional Hill offer significant understanding into its rich history.

Official Site: https://www.constitutionhill.org.za/

What can couples do in Johannesburg?

Picnic at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens
Orlando Towers
zoo lakes
saddle creek ranch farm

What is there to do in Johannesburg this weekend?

City Sightseeing Joburg.
Montecasino Bird Garden.
Zoo Lake Swimming Pool.
Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.
Past Experiences Walking Tour.
The Living Room.
Melville Koppies
Mountain Sanctuary Park.

Where can I go on a date in Johannesburg?

Picnic at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens.
Share a crazy milkshake at Craft.
Indulge in sweet treats at Crumbs & Cream.
Get cultural on the Keyes Art Mile.
Get lost in the Honeydew Mazes.
Stargaze at the planetarium.
Watch a comedy show at Kitchener’s

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