5 Best Places To Visit in Southeast Asia

5 Best Places To Visit in Southeast Asia

Planning to visit Southeast Asia isn’t easy! You’ll need a lot of time to see all the places that have. Apart from it, you can make your list as per your priorities and interests, where you want to visit first.

Southeast Asia is home to countless areas that shows its cultures, exceptional scenic views, unique foods, and many more. It doesn’t matter which of the place you are traveling in Southeast Asia to visit first. Just start planning now and book emirates reservations to the nearby airport and start exploring the best places in Southeast Asia. 

Here are 5 places to visit in Southeast Asia that should go on your bucket list

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is considered a remarkably beautiful sight. It is located in the Northern part of Vietnam and has been utterly famous. It has beautiful light green seawater, roughly 1600 limestone islands,s and islets, lagoons, caves, and sea gypsies. 

Ha Long bay is a place to visit due to its breathtaking visuals and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cruising, swimming, or just chilling by the sea and enjoying the view are one of the many activities Ha Long Bay has to offer. Be sure to visit Ha Long bay while in Vietnam, and we can guarantee that it will be 100% worth your time.

White Temple, Thailand

White Temple is the English translation of Wat Rong Khun. White Temple used to be a temple adopted by an artist who transformed the entire temple into an amazing privately-owned art exhibit. The White Temple is now an abandoned ruin that serves as an art gallery. The temple has designated rooms for meditation, training rooms, and learning. The entire temple consists of nine structures, including living quarters for monks.

White Temple has been deemed the gate of heaven due to its white-themed paintings. The entire temple is not just white, but also features bright, colorful murals representing faces from horror to fictional characters. The design can be confusing, but it represents humanity which is known to be strange, unexpected, and not always gentle.

Puerto Princessa

Puerto Princessa as a Unesco world heritage has rock islands, caves, and natural parks and is considered as a paradise in the Philippines. Its crystal clear waters, dramatic rock formations, underground rivers, and impressive limestone caves make Puerto Princessa stunningly beautiful. This city is currently the cleanest and greenest city in the country. 

Tengger Semeru National Park

Nestled in East Java, Tengger Semeru National Park is an eon of volcanic calderas that are continuously surrounded by smoke and clouds.  The park has two mountains namely Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. 

Mount Semeru is the most active and the highest volcano in the region, and home to deer, wild pigs, and leopards. While Mount Bromo is inactive and has billowing collapsed crates that peek above the green pastures of the lowland valleys. Both mountains offer hiking activities that give an ethereal sight of the entire region.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Featuring a combination of eastern and western cultures, Hanoi is one of the largest and famous cities in the country. Hanoi is a thousand-year-old city rich with history, signifying the country’s cultural and historical importance. 

This city is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its temples, ancient citadels, unique theatre, and stunning wilderness just outside the city. Tourist destinations like Temple of literature, Mausoleum, Water puppet theatre, and marketplaces are located in Hanoi. If the duration of your stay is limited, we highly suggest visiting Hanoi and digress the history and culture of Vietnam.


For now, these best destinations in Southeast Asia will make your vacation exciting and fascinating. In this blog, we have listed the 5 Best Places To Visit in Southeast Asia you should visit once in your life. So, narrow down your searches to find out the best place and make your American airlines reservations nowadays at very affordable rates that suit your pocket to reach these awesome places and start exploring itself.


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