Biden speech today: President denies underestimating Putin

Biden speech today. The US President Joe Biden has finally reacted to the news of Russia invading Ukraine. There was a lot said in the Biden speech today such as where he announced a series of “major” sanctions that he said will have a “long-term” impact on Moscow.

Joe Biden in his speech today called Russian President Vladimir Putin an “aggressor” who “chose this war” as he said the US was restricting large Russian banks and targeting families who are close to the Kremlin.

In the early hours of Thursday 24th February 2022,  news of Russia launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine with a series of missile attacks on cities including the capital Kyiv.

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Since Russian invaded Ukraine, dozens of Ukrainians have been killed, civilians are fleeing their homes, global markets have plunged and Russian forces have seized the site of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Biden speech today came in unity with several other nations including the UK after the G7 leaders met on Thursday morning and vowed to roll out “severe sanctions” on Russia.

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