Big Meech Daughter: Meet Neeka Big Meech’s Daughter

Big Meech Daughter: Meet Neeka Big Meech’s Daughter

Does Big Meech have a daughter? Big Meech is a well-known drug dealer, businessman, and entrepreneur from the United States. Demetrius Flenory is another name for him. Big Meech is known to have transported money and cocaine. Big Meech has a good-looking daughter. Continue reading to find out who Big Meech’s daughter is.

Big Meech Daughter: Meet Neeka Big Meech’s Daughter

Neeka is Big Meech’s beautiful daughter. Lori Walker is the mother of his daughter, Neeka. However, some women claim to be his children. According to Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory, she is Big Meech’s daughter. Her Twitter bio makes the claim, despite the fact that the account’s most recent post was in 2012. It is unknown whether she is his child.

And she isn’t the only one who claims to be one of his children. Several people have made the same claim over the years. Another user on Instagram with the handle @queentrudy claims to be Big Meech’s daughter. This, too, has not been confirmed. In fact, given that Meech isn’t scheduled to be released from prison until 2028, it may take a few years for anyone to find out if these are true.

Big Meech Daughter
Big Meech daughter

Who is Big Meech’s baby mama?

According to reports, Big Meech’s baby mama’s name is Latarra Eutsey. Little is known about her, but a Twitter account with the same name claims she’s a real estate agent in Florida. This individual works for a company called Real Property Executives, which deals with both commercial and residential properties. However, that account appears to have been inactive since 2019.

Recently, a Facebook page called Latarra has been posting photos of Latarra and Lil Meech. It is stated that she currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The page’s current profile photo is of Lil Meech, and there is another of the two of them. However, both of these images appear to be recent.


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