Boost in Cosmetic Industry: Statistics and Market Value


The cosmetic industry is on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the global cosmetics market was worth $265 billion in 2016, according to Euromonitor International’s data. What’s behind this boost? The largest factor has been an increase in innovation – there are more products available for consumers than ever before.

Why has Cosmetic Industry Become Eye-Candy for Investors?

Several reasons make this industry the most favorite one for the investors; some of the reasons are:

  • Investors from the cosmetics industry are not just looking for a return on their investment. They also want to be involved in something they believe will do well and have staying power.
  • The cosmetic products market is young, growing quickly, and some disruption of its existing players – all good things from an investor’s perspective.
  • There are still many opportunities out there: new demographics that can be targeted (elderly shoppers), new distribution channels that can open up (online shopping), or entirely new product categories that haven’t been tapped into yet (skincare).

What Are the Key Selling Products of the Cosmetic Industry?

There are many key selling products of the custom packaging industry. The most important thing to know is that these products are used for beautification and sanitization, which has been increased in demand due to increased concern over germs and bacteria.

Cosmetic Goods for Beautification

There are several beautification products in the cosmetic industry. Some of these products are:

  • Lipsticks
  • Nail Polishes
  • Eye Shadows
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner

1)    Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of the more popular beauty products due to its low-cost peruse and its ability to change appearance with a few swipes on a small area. It is also important to note that the cosmetic industry has changed over time, and lipsticks today are often long-lasting or even waterproof.

The lipstick comes in a variety of colors, so there will be something for everyone’s taste. In addition, lipstick can come with glosses, which offer an extra level of shine on top of color.

2)    Nail Polishes

This beauty product is designed primarily for women who want their nails to look nice without changing any other aspect of themselves, such as wearing makeup or getting new clothes. Nails polish helps maintain polished nails by giving them a coat once every few days. It should be noted that nail polishes have become more popular, but it has increased their market value due to how many colors are available.

Nail polish is also good for people who want to show off their nails, but not necessarily their hands. Nails are painted with nail polish, and that part of the hand will be out in front while the rest remains hidden from view. It should be noted that nail polishes have become not only more popular but it has increased their market value due to how many colors are available.

3)    Eye Shadows

These eye shadows are also known as eye colors and are used to highlight or bring out the eyes. The most common types of these shadows are matte, pearl, shimmery, glittery, gilding, and frosted shades. These are available in various colors that range from black to white, with every color imaginable.

Eye shadows can be worn alone, or they could also be used as an accent for eyeshadow along with Mascara and Eyeliner. However, eye shadow is the central focus when it comes to making one’s eye makeup look complete, which may not be the case for everyone.

Eye shadow can be applied with fingers, brushes, and sponges in a circular motion to create an even surface of color on the eyelid. Some people have difficulty applying eye makeup without using their hands or other utensils, which is why it may sometimes become necessary to use tools that are made specifically for the purpose.

4)    Blush

The blush is a powder or cream that comes in various colors but is usually applied with a brush onto the cheekbones for cosmetic purposes. It adds color to your face making it pop and giving you an attractive pink glow under your skin tone.

Some makeup artists even apply this product all around their client’s forehead, so they appear fresh on camera. There really isn’t one type of blush because each person has different preferences for how much coverage they want/need from this product; some people only need light strokes while others may need to go in with a heavy hand. The most common colors found in blush are pink, peach, and plum.

5)    Mascara

Mascara is an integral part of the cosmetic industry because it is used for eye makeup to make the eyes pop and look more prominent. It can also be used on other parts of your face, such as your eyebrows or eyelids, but typically only by professionals who know how to do so.

Mascara comes in many different colors, including jet black, brown, blue-gray, violet-plum, and more; these hues are created through a mixture of pigments which include iron oxide (brown), titanium dioxide (blue/purple), and manganese violet (violet). Since ancient Egypt, the product has been around where Egyptians would use animal fat mixed with plants like parsley leaves to create Mascara.

6)    Eyeliner

Unlike Mascara, which needs water to be washed off, Eyeliner typically lasts all day. Many people will use an eyeliner pencil or a liquid liner to create a cat-eye, lining the top waterline and applying some on their lower lash line. It is important to make sure you don’t use too much pressure when applying the Eyeliner, or it will leave your eyes feeling irritated.


I want to mention that there are many different brands of cosmetic products, and in this blog post, we talked about a few key ones: Mascara, Eyeliner, eye shadow, lipsticks, etc. The cosmetic industry has grown over the years. People have become increasingly interested in looking good on social media platforms such as Instagram, where “beauty gurus” brings trends into the home-based sphere.

But all these products need secure packaging that a trusted packaging supplier like Stampa Prints can provide because low-quality packaging will do not be good for the product; instead, it will cause damage to your products.


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